SUBMIT A COMPLAINT / i ordered tv box " u. s stock jailbroken mxq kodi...

San Francisco Ca., United States
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This box came and it was used opened and it does not work when i contacted them they say it been over 30 days and they can not refund my money. This company is nothing but lairs and criminals and I want to know why they are allowed to rip off the american people with nothing happing to them. There are thousands of complaints on line and please tell me why you are not doing something about it.

U.S STOCK Jailbroken MXQ Kodi ...
Store: Changjiang Trade
Quantity: 1

Order ID: 58c82275a3a5f7229f9f4d52
U.S STOCK Jailbroken MXQ Kodi ...

Sansome St. 40th Floor
San Francisco
United States - 94104

May 9, 2017

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