Wishwish merchant, unlawfully scammed out of over $500
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Posted: jan 10, 2017 by nicholas sepia
Wish merchant, unlawfully scammed out of over $500
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San francisco, california
United states
These people are thieves and it appears to be a criminal organization. people are getting [censored]ed on both sides. customer have to pay much more than the item costs because wish adds onto the price and sellers have their inventory stolen.

For example, if i place an item for sale for $5 they can put it on their website and make the price $25.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in San Francisco, CA on top of that most of items take months to arrive since they come from china and are cheaply made.

We are an honest seller from the usa who provide great quality items for the price, fast shipping and 24 hour customer service. have stolen over $500 of our inventory.

They created an unlawful system which only benefits themselves. most customers have legitimate concerns, but the incompetent wish staff can only click the refund button, which is neither lawful nor helpful to the customer.

Please contact nicholas.[protected] to discuss a class action lawsuit against these fraudulent b######s.


Jan 10, 2017

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