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I have so many issues with this company. I need some assistance I have tried every means possible and have gotten no result I need for someone to either contact me or give me a telephone number where I can contact somebody to file a complaint because I have spent so much money and have received very little of the items that I have ordered and all I keep getting is that is past the 30 day window that is not my fault you guys have gotten my money and I would like to either my products or I would like my money back. The telephone number that website gives will not lead to a live representative I have sent emails I don't know what else to do
This is been an issue since going back to August of 2016 now I believe that I am do a response back that suits me.
Now the other issue at hand is that it says I'm doing refund on some of the items which should be everyone that I did not get but I have a different credit card because of some fraud issues so I need to know how to get you the correct information so that I can get my refund that is due to me please let me know as soon as possible

Mar 10, 2017

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