Wish / cannot use my account

Lochristi, BE


I have already send you many mails concerning my account being put on hold but I never receive a propriate answer. I cannot evaluate the received orders or ask for a refund because of my account. They always ask me to send picture of my credit card but I refuse to do this. Then they asked for transaction date, amount and value of an order. I sent all othis but still again the same mail for sending picture of my credit card and Id.

Now I have received an order today which is not correct but unfortunately i cannot ask for my regund because my account does not work.

Please can you help me solving this problem?

Concerning fashion anima rabbit pillow case
Tracking number [protected]

Text printed on cover is uncomplete (you are always my heart instead of you are always on my heart) see picture on webstore please

Hope to hear from you soon.


Birgit Wittevrongel


Mar 29, 2017

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