Wingstop Restaurants / food over cooked

I ordered online to the most getto wing stop google found me apparently. So I went to pick up 15 piece for two people . Went home which is a nice distance away to home . So other person ate apon arrival. About 15 I decide to eat, I go to eat the rest of the food and it's OverCooked . I Through the rest away . Had to go buy a burger 🍔 later that day. I called management the next day says they cannot do anything for me . Not even replace my food, the right way. I called at first I got a regular greeting from I thought was a regular employee.and then the same person said she was a manager all of a sudden, when I ask for one.She let me tell her everything and said hold for the manager. Then the apparently the manager answered and said, "you have to bring the food back I can't help you." I'm like really!My food cost $22 much money for you to not fix it ( for chicken)or at least try to comply. No nothing . Monic and

Jul 02, 2018

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