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This ones hard to believe, I came home from work to find a large box left OUTSIDE my Condominium.
It has my name on it and no other label than a UPS sticker.
I open it to find a HP Computer and Monitor.
I right away call my credit card companies to find out if anyone charged a computer to my accounts and noone had.
I call UPS and they tell me WINDSTREAM sent it to me.
I contact Windstream who show NO computer charged to my account so i tell them I have a computer and they need to please come and get it it was obviously a mistake.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Madison, OH
AFTER 1 1/2 WEEKS I recieve UPS return labels with this big box sitting in my living room while i am trying to prepair to move to a new home.
UPS informs me I HAVE TO PAY to have it picked up wich i deny and will not do.
I contact Windstream again and spend the morning on hold at variouse departments to finally get a Customer service SUPERVISOR who informs me If i do not pay for pick up or deliver it to a UPS center i will be charged for it and then hangs up on me.
Now mind you I am trying to return a computer i could have kept that they had no record with them having sent me.
I cannot believe the level of confusion and the terrible service i recieved trying to do the right thing, If i had this much trouble
trying to help them correct thier own mistake you can bet I would never use thier services again.

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  • Ke
      May 18, 2009

    I have had Windstream as an local and long distance carrier for over 3 years. I got rid of our long distance service about a year ago. I was told that basic service would be no more that 20$ per month...but that was not true. Each month I get my bill it would have a different amount due to fees that I was not aware of prior to changing my service. In Feb 2009 we were getting our home ready to sell and I called to see if I could schedule a shut-off. I was told that I could and they took down the date and I was good.

    Unfortunately, in May 2009 I received a bill stating that they had continued my service through the end of April. So basically they charged my all of March and April. I called to get this taken care of and spoke to the rudest representatives who stated that I did not call to cut my service off. Is that good customer service to right off the back tell someone what they did not do? I got upset with that and asked for a supervisor...they could not connect me with one.

    I spoke with another rep and he said any time Windstream makes a change to your account they are to provide you with a confirmation number. I have never been provided with a confirmation number over the years I had my service. Not one time has one been given to me for whatever reason. So since I was stupid not to just know I needed one before the rep hung up I have to pay for almost 2 months of phone service that I was not even there to use...all because the rep helping me did not make note of my request or give me confirmation of it.

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  • Re
      Aug 17, 2015

    First off their automated system stinks. Everytime I have a problem with my business bundle I have to go through their automated system which NEVER recognizes my phone number EVER! So it tries to put me into a loop of entering my phone number which it can't associate with my account.

    Second you would think with a business you could get work requested or done on a weekend which happens to be my busiest time frame. Nope no help, nothing except and automated ticket which ALWAYS is going to take a minimum of two days. Totally unacceptable for a business.

    Third once service is supposedly completed you may not be and the ticket will get closed out and the problem will still exsist.

    For a tech company very poorly managed. This is my seventh issue with this company or their service in four years. Stay away if you have any other options.

    By the way I have been on hold for 18+ minutes at this time and have written this complaint during the time I have been on hold. So so typical!!

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