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Windstream / cancelation of package deal, uninformed

1 1720 Galleria BLVDCharlotte, NC, United States Review updated:

My name is Garrett Wells, Iam a windstream cust.In sept.of 2008 I purchased a package deal thru windstream(phone service)which included dish network services.I was preapproved over the phone(recorded conv.)so windstream set me up with my package deal which included phone service, a computer, internet hookup&dish network services for a set fee of 89.99 a month.I received my first bill, which I payed in sept.and continued to recieve bills each month, and payed them all on time.Then in oct.I received a seperate bill from dish network saying that none of my bills has been payed since receiving their services, which was part of my original contract with windstream.And if i did'nt pay it in approx.3 to 4 days that my satellite services would be terminated.So I started calling windstream&dish network to find out why I was receiving 2 seperate bills, and what happened to my package deal.Well I spent 2 days on the phone and was told that my bundle package had been debundled back in sept.which is fine because dish network disqualified me because of, I guess my past credit.But thru windstream I got my sat. services installed according to my contract.I was never informed of the debundling of my package deal from wind stream, and dish never informed me that they would still offer me services seperate from windstream, no letter of notice or phonecall or anything informing me of these changes.Now I have 2 seperate account#'s, one from windstream&one from dish network, which neither matches the original account# I was given with my package deal.So now dish network is charging me 233.00 or discontinue my services or pay them 77.00 to keep from loosing my services.And windstream is charging me approx.65.00 a month to keep their services, so without my knowledge my package deal has been terminated, I've been given 2 seperate account#'s and am expected to pay each company seperate or lose both services, The total amount I am expected to pay is double the price of my original payment plan.I have to keep my windstream account because I am in a 2 year contract with them, which is fine, I want to keep all of my services and get rebundled so I can keep my original services&monthly charge for my original package deal.If not I can't afford both services seperately, and if I don't pay these bills it will go against my credit and I won't be able to purchase any phone service or sat.service because when they do a credit check on me these outstanding bills will show up.I feel that I have abided by all the rules given to me thru my original deal and don't see where I should be responsible for any other payment than what was on my original contract.I would like some prof.advise on how to handle this matter and the parties responsible for this major inconvinience be held accountable for payments to dish network.I feel that none of this is my fault, ihave met the requirments that was presented to me over the phone by a windstream rep.I am a very dissatisfied customer, and feel that I have been treated very unfairly and will not stop persueing this matter, no matter what it takes.I don't mind paying for my services, but not under these circumstances, I have searched the internet and found info. that these package deals are a scam and alot of people are complaining.So please respond to my complaint and assist me in resolving this problem, If not I will have no and a bad credit report.My email is wells.garrett6 AT, my home phone is [protected], my cell# is [protected], my name is garrett wells, your cooperation in this matter would be greatly appreciated... Thank You.

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  • Ra
      10th of Nov, 2009
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    Windstream is doing the EXACT same thing to me now. They claim that my service was unbundled because I was an Alltell customer and didn't qualify! I HAVE NO ALTELL SERVICE! At any rate, I did not request that my account be unbundled and I was NEVER notified that it had been. Then all of a sudden my Dish network gets cut off and next thing I know, I get a bill for $183.00, despite having paid the bundled amount ALL THIS TIME.

    Of course, you can't get a Windstream customer service rep on the phone after 7pm my time...not that it would do any good because you're going to be transferred so many times that you don't know which company you're talking too.

    Let this be a warning to anyone who considers bundling with these guys...DON'T DO IT. You may save $20 a month at first but it's not worth it, they will screw you to the wall in the end. Trust me on that.

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