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Wilhelmina Philadelphia / Total scam..(from an insider)

1 101 s.38th street, United States Review updated:

This company is indeed a total scam! I was signed to them and they got me no work. They sent me an email on an audition that i already went to a wk prior. (i saw the audition posting on craigslist and wilhelmina emailed me and notified me very last min) Also, wilhelmina of PA say they have the best photographers???? I way. The photographer that I shot with was horrible. I also found out that Ed Marcainte (their grreat photographer) works at the gentlemens club called LACE!! He works as their air conditioning/heater repair guy. You ask how do I know this?? Its because a manager friend of mine works at it and I was in the club talking to her when in walks Ed! I asked her what he was doing here and then she told me. Also...the makeup artist that Ed had also works at LACE. Do not get involved with this scam...on so many levels its wrong!! Oh and if you dont believe me about wilhelminas so called great photographer Ed?? Call Lace in NJ and NY. Ask them if he works there or better yet stop in. Im sure youll see their photographer there and also their makeup artist!!!

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  • Mo
      4th of Dec, 2010
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    Better wholesaler is spam. Its not legit and nothing to do with topic. Please dont use it or website. Thanks.

  • Sa
      8th of Mar, 2011
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    So... how were you "scammed" again? Don't come here posting your gripes about not getting work. The fact that you aren't getting work is NOT the agencies fault. It's yours! If your face can't book anything, that's not a reason to call an agency a SCAM. What money did they take from you? What fees did you shell out? See the difference! I get sick and tired of whiny little pathetic "wanna-be" models being so quick to tarnish the rep of a legitimate agency because their feelings are hurt or because they can't book work. Go cry somewhere else! Wilhemina is one of the most legit agencies in PA, point blank!

  • La
      7th of Nov, 2011
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    May be that agency is legit but they make you pay money up front, the photographer did a job but photos could be better. Then promise that they will take care of your career. You believe them and think that it's OK to pay because they are just starting and it is not easy. Then you contact them couple of times, nothing. Then they tell you to look for jobs yourself and mention them so they could take their 20%. The agents change and every time there is a new one, they ask that you get in touch. Nothing happens anyway. Why promise, take money?

  • Se
      25th of Nov, 2011
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    Okay, I am sharing this because instead of half-A$$ed reports of this company I am going to give the full break down. From beginning to the end, for everyone to understand the process. At the end of this report I will have answered every single question.

    Step one: I attended the Wilhelmina casting call. A lot of beautiful men
    and woman there to audition (unless they were promotional actors) .
    There was a runway show with very skilled models (?), and the director sat at the end taking notes after a brief talk about about her son being a successful model. After that there were acting auditions being held in a private room.

    Step2: Sent home.So I got the news a day later, My child was accepted into the child modeling and acting division. There is a "marketing" fee of $1255, this includes marketing on their website and photographs oh and "training". So then the red flag went off. I asked the agent if I can use my own photographer...and she said yes just as long as they are professional photos, along with training. So then my red flag turned to greenish yellow. No problem, I know you have to pay for comp cards and portfolios but let me read the package further.

    Step 3: Review and compare the contract package along with the others and see if this agency is the agency I would like to invest in for my child.

    Step 4: Review MANDATORY fees before representation?
    $95-One time messenger fee
    $595-Photo Shoot (was told I can use my own)
    $195 Composite Cards
    $385/$285 Website Fee (understandable)
    $60 Mandatory Orientation Meeting
    Total: $2400 Adults and $1880 Children
    $75 Professional Wilhelmina Portfolio Book
    $370 Mandatory Photo movement Workshop
    * $625 Acting workshop

    Alot, aint it?

    Step 5: Scratch your head and re-read the entire package to confirm that you read that all these fees are indeed required before representation.

    Step 6: Send email, and get clarification on these mandatory fees. Because you do remember reading a FAQ which states : Do I have to pay a fee to be represented by Wilhelmina Philadelphia?
    Absolutely NOT. The Agency receives commission on modeling or acting jobs booked. Please click the link to visit our FAQ's on our website:

    Hello ****,

    I have reviewed the package and have listed a few questions below:

    1. Although you say no fees are required to be represented, under representation requirements it lists 4 paid requirements that must be met in order to be represented.
    2. I am having photos and comp cards done here in **, will that affect the amount of auditions he goes on because we opted to get our own photos?
    3. Mandatory Orientation Meeting: I HAVE to pay $60 for an orientation in order for him to be represented? (why in the world must anyone pay for a mandatory orientation, is this administrative fees?)
    4. Photo movement Workshop: REQUIRED, in order for my son to be represented I have to pay for this ONE time workshop? Will my son remember what was learned in this one time workshop months from now if he doesn't get work within the next few months? (I may be able to understand if it were a one time fee for continuous training, or perhaps a recommendation from a casting director, but mandatory even for the most experienced model and actor)
    5. What type of jobs do you suspect my son will be sent off for? (Umm, give me some motivation...examples, history, something!)
    6. What type of "look" should we be going for in our photos? (Why pay all this money and you cant give me any advice as to how you are going to market this child)
    7. Does local training suffice for the required training? (I'm paying top $ for continuous training here in my town, why isn't that good enough?)

    In the initial advertisement, it states that Wilhelmina will not ask for upfront payment, however all of these fees must be paid in order to be represented. I do plan to get my own photos and acting classes for my son. I Know if you all really wanted to represent my son as an actor/model within your agency, there would not be a lot of these upfront fees.

    please advise.

    Wilhelmina's RESPONSE

    After reviewing your email, it seems as though you do not understand our Talent marketing investment sheet NOR our FAQ's. If you are going to "do your own thing" with regards to shoots and Acting coaching, then you do not need our help for representation. It seems as though you wish to do it on your own. We have procedures to follow. We will ONLY work with talent who will work within our policies and procedures.

    We do not negotiate with new or inexperienced talent. The Wilhelmina Name represents a guarantee of "professionalism and excellence" and we will not risk that for any new talent.

    Therefore, I think its best for you to seek representation with another agency.

    Now, unless I cannot read or have comprehension problems, this email did not answer any of my questions. I was prepared to invest after I have had all of my questions answered. Instead I got a very rude response.
    Observation: Appears that this agency will only represent models and actors with no experience to justify these fees.

    Now, you can make up your mind as to the right direction for finding representation. Send me your thoughts!

  • Se
      19th of Oct, 2012
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    Then your best friend is a thief, i ordered 3 dog collars on Oct 21, 2012 and my credit card was charged $110.00 on Oct 24, 2012. Every attempt to contact Tammy is useless obviously a scam, no other choice now but file a complaint with the Internet Crime Center.

  • Se
      20th of Oct, 2012
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    Please disregard last post, my mistake.

    Then your best friend is a thief, i ordered 3 dog collars on Sept 21, 2012 and my credit card was charged $110.00 on Sept 24, 2012. Every attempt to contact Tammy is useless obviously a scam, no other choice now but file a complaint with the Internet Crime Center.

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