Wholesale7customer service and website in general is terrible and scammy

My first and last time ordering on this scammy annoying website. The customer service seems polite at first but underneath it all they just try to take more and more of your money thinking you won't notice. Four times I was hit with the email "dear customer...the item blank is out of stock" the words dear customer and out of stock still traumatise me to this day. Every single time I requested an exchange of items as per their policy, they charged me an extra amount for 'shipping' because apparently the weight changed when I changed the items which makes total sense right? Well, turns out that my final order (legit two weeks after I had placed it, two weeks of agonising email exchanges) weight was actually lower than it was originally! Um? So obviously I was like can I please get a refund for the shipping charges you charged me since the weight didn't even end up increasing. AND THEY DOWNRIGHT REFUSED. EVEN THOUGH IT IS CLEARLY WRITTEN IN THE WEBSITE POLICY THAT THEY HAVE TO!!! They made up some excuse about how because I had one less item, my order total now went below $200usd and therefore the wholesale discount disappeared. First of all wholesale 7, my order NEVER went above $200usd so I don't know what you're talking about. Secondly, what does shipping cost have to do with product total? Last time I checked there was no such thing as a wholesale discount on shipping. Anyway we went back and forth and a hundred emails later they still refused to refund me so I did the only think I could, which was to open disputes in PayPal. Luckily for me, PayPal are not idiots and therefore I got my money back but what I find funniest it that the wholesale7 people I had been emailing with kept trying to get me to close my disputes saying "dear customer we noticed you opened a dispute on PayPal. Please close the dispute and we will refund you". Like heck they would! Anyway, another scammy thing they did was increase the price of two of the shoes I ordered when they were exchanging my items and creating a new order summary, thinking I wouldn't notice. I didn't dispute this because I was legitimately emotionally exhausted from the weeks of nonsense they put me through. My final words are DONT BOTHER WITH THIS WEBSITE. IM SERIOUS. JUST DONT. I almost forgot, the items received smelled so strongly of chemical I almost fainted when I opened the box.

Dec 11, 2018

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