Westinghouse / horrible customer service

United States

I have a 26" westinghouse lcd tv. its about 11months old. recently the tv just stopped working. it would turn on for a split second and shut off. afetr reading some of these reviews it doesnt seem like im the only person with this problem. i called westinghouse customer service and got nothing but attitude from all of the service representitives that i spoke with (which was proably about ten or so different people) i told them my issue with the tv and they were very unwilling to help me out because the tv was technically "out of manufactures warranty". when i realized i was getting no help from any of these people i asked to speak to a supervisor. the woman i was speaking to proceeded to tell me there was a 24-72 hr waiting queue to speak to some above her position. I asked her to put me on the list anyways. after waiting two days i finally got a call from a supervisor. this person was more helpful then anyone else i had talked to. he agreed to extend the warranty because im sure he realizes im not the only person with this problem. he then told me i would be emaiuled the send back process, but would not recieve it for up to 48 hours. to recieve an email?! this place is horrible customer service!! i sent the tv out after recieving the email. that was about 2 weeks ago. i just called today to check on my order and was told it could be another 2 weeks before i heard anything about the status of my "replacement" i have to say if i had the extra 500$ to spend i would have gone out and just bought a new tv, and NOT WESTINGHOUSE. hopefully i have better luck with the tv they send me(if i ever get it) needless to say im very upset with westinghouse and how theyve handled my issue. i will never do buisness with them again.

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