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I have never been treated like crap before, with Western Dental I guess it's a first time for everything. I was recommended to go here by a friend .

#1. The service was horrible.

#2. They were overbooked.

#3. I sat in the chair for 30 minutes before any help came.

#4. I came in for an emergency appointment to get my # three tooth out. They talked me into getting fillings, after they were done with my fillings they said they did not have time to extract my tooth.

#5. A couple days passed and my teeth started to hurt. This was not the tooth I was supposed to get extracted. I l called the Western dentist office in National City and they told me to come in.

#6. They were so busy that day they could barely complete the procedure they scheduled me for. My teeth were still hurting after that visit, so I tried to get them to fix it again. The next time they told me to pay or I could not get treatment. This did not make since to me because they did not finish what they stared.

#7.All I wanted was my teeth extracted. I did fall for the braces, and the fillings. I was making a two year commitment, that should of granted me good service at least.

#8. I think that I have been getting the run around with the National City office. The last time I been to a dentist in that area I was a kid. I don't know if that is the way they treat people down that way because they feel they can get away with it. They are not going to get away with it without me making a public statement about my bad experience with the company.

All I want the National City office to do is put themselves in my shoes. I guess the saying the customer is always right does not apply with the Western Dental in National City.

P.S. I am also not use to the dental tools being out of a bag before work starts on your mouth. Please help me with this.

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      3rd of Jul, 2012

    I also had a horrible experience with Western dental. I called to inquire about a lower income plans i had heard about and was told that i could join this program for $114.00for the year and received special low discounted prices on all work needed. this price was the family price i was told. I then scheduled my daughter and myself to have our teeth lOked at. the price that i was quoted was $6000 initially for my daughter. I could not believe that i was being quoted a price for a low income family. I decided that i would not have any work done there for my child at all and decided to just lOk else where. I was quoted at first 4000.00 and as i kept saying no they finally came down to $2, 245.00 which included a molar extraction, partial denture bottom, teeth cleaning and upper full denture. I was told they do not offer the twilight sleep for any extraction and went through hell on earth type pain and anxiety for the removal of the tOth. they placed the temporary bottom plate to replace the one missing tOth i wanted taken care of in my mouth which extended over area that i had just had surgery on to include stitches. the area is still bleeding and quite painful. I was told to leave in the bottom plate until i receive my permanent one, however the pain is just tO much. I ended up going back twice as of yet to get help with issues relating to the most recent work done by them.. I will never go back not even for follow ups i and just tO traumatized and I feel so mislead. by the way am really disappointed in myself that i did not do my homework first on this company. I found several other programs that offer affordable dental services much lower than Western and do not leave you exhausted, worried, broke and in pain. I paid for my services in full and for see a long road for recovery both health wise and financial... buyer beware !!! DO YOUR HOME WORK FIRST...

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