Western Dentalunanswered questions regarding my daughters ortho treatment

My daughter Michaella Gumila went to Western Dental for braces. The duration of the treatment was 18-24 months. During the course of treatment, my daughter's personal dentist was calling the ortho to coordinate the next plan of treatment as we know that she will need transplant after the braces. My daughter's dentist did not received any call back from Western Dental. I called multiple times and did not receive a call back as well. After they removed the braces, I noticed that there was a big gap on the left side and a small gap on the right side of her teeth. When I looked inside my daughter's mouth, I noticed that the ortho moved my daughter's canine to the back instead of aligning it to her four front teeth.
On February 8, 2016, I went with my daughter to her appoint at Western Dental to ask the ortho, she started getting defensive and said she was not the one who started my daughter's treatment, it was another ortho. She also explained that the small gap on the left side is because my daughter did not wear her retainers. I asked if it is still possible to move the canine back to where it should be and she said yes. When I asked about the small gap on the left, she said she will make another retainer for her but since she may need to wear braces again, she said it is better to wait. The ortho then referred me to a receptionist named Itzel. After going back and forth on the phone several times, Itzel notified me over the phone that they will do a re-treatment for my daughter but I will have to pay again. When I asked why I should pay for their mistakes, she could not give me an answer that's when Western Dental started ignoring my calls.
On February 19, 2016, at 2:35 pm, I finally caught Itzel on the phone and she said that she referred my case to her supervisor Denny Chavez. When I asked to speak to Denny, she said he is on lunch break. I called again after and hour and the lady that answered my call said Denny is still on break. I was feeling very frustrated and drove to their office, I got there and 4:40pm and guess what, Denny Chavez was still on break. When I asked for my daughter's medical records, they refused to give it to me and said that their system was down. When I asked for Denny Chavez's supervisor, they refused to give me that information as well. Finally, Denny Chavez arrived after about 15 minutes.
After talking to Denny Chavez and explaining to him the issues I have with my daughter's case, he promised that he will talk to the ortho who started my daughter's treatment and will call me to Feb 26, 2016 to give me and update.
It's March 7, 2016 now, it's over a month and I haven't received any call or any response from Western Dental. Meanwhile the gap on my daughter's teeth are still there and it's getting wider.

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