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All three dentist visits were bad. first dentist apppointment.i went to get a quote for my daughter's braces.The appointment was at 4:00"there was at least 10 people waiting".Then i noticed a dentist leave at about 5:15 p.m"still have not been seen".Wait it get good the receptionist asks me if we have been seen .No!!! she goes and looks for the charts and guess what they end up back on her desk!!!.she was

trying to help she was upset because she took the charts back were the dentist's are.So the manager appologie's

because the dentist has she digs up some old quote 2007.And decides to give the old quote.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Salinas, CAso i go ahead with it...2nd visit appointment at 4pm didnt get seen till about 5:15 ..Im pissed again .they call me at about 7:10 to the back and explain the procedure ..i ask my daughter and ask her what did they do to you.Just xrays waiting for more than a few hrs and just xray's.damm im pissed by they put on the brackets and guess what it took only about 20 minutes...western dental i do not recommend they schedule many appointments at the same time .and the wait time is really bad.<p>PS 3rd visit.
Was to have braces removed .they tell me to come back tommorow. At 4.59 a gallon yeah right i live 30 miles from salinas. Please do not use them bad bad bad.

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  • Mi
      Jan 16, 2009

    I also went to western dental in Salinas and it has been the worst experience of my life! The manager lied to me, she told me that the insurrance was going to pay $1, 500 for the braces and that I would only have to pay $3, 000. Well, the insurrance is NOT goint to pay for me and the manager WAS told the same day I got the braces but she decided to lie to me and now they want me to pay those $1, 500. The worst part, they sent me to collections without even telling me or giving me a chance to work something out with them. I hate WEstern Dental and I am hopping enough people will join together to take them down and stop them and their fraud. Lets spread the word people.

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  • Ma
      May 15, 2009

    i do agree with his persons statement ...for i was a patient of Western Dental. They do give lously care in every meaning of the word ..theres no doubt about it ... so many complaints i have read on line regarding Western Dental, comnfirms that i am not he only one that has had bad treatment ... they do need to b stopped from performing inadequate care... this does have to stop

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  • Ma
      May 15, 2009

    the Western Dental that i had being going to is located in oceanside, california ...wouldnt ever recomment them at all to no one

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  • Co
      Jan 20, 2011

    January 20th, 2011

    I went to Western Dental for the first time yesterday. January 19th. I had an 11am appointment and wasn't taken back until 12:30. The young man preformed the X-rays and then I was taken to a larger area where there are several Dental Chairs and Computer Monitors. After sitting in this area for another hour the Doctor arrived. He is a young Chinese Dentist by the name of Dr. Wong. Well he reviewed my X-rays and told me that I needed major Dental work Immediately. He also said the old dental work was improperly done and that he would need to fix those mistakes. According to him I needed 2 Root Canals, 3 Crowns, Deep Teeth Cleaning and 4 Cavities filled. All this came to over $5000 USD. Well my dental Insurance would pay $1000 of this amount but I would need to pay the rest. The staff tried to get me to sign an Agreement to make payment to have all this work done. I declined... However I did tell the Doctor and the Office Manager that I wanted my Filling fixed and my Teeth cleaned. After waiting around for several more hours in the Office the Estimate came to $2125. USD My Insurance paid $1000 and I am paying the difference. Anyway the Doctor filled 1 tooth and partially cleaned my right side . Upper Teeth and Lower. Afterwards he said I need to come back again. Well that appointment happened today. I arrived at 8:50am and was taken back at 9:20. Dr. Wong gave me Injections (shots) to numb my mouth.
    He then put this huge Rubber Cork in my Mouth to keep it open and began to work. Cleaning the left side Teeth. Both upper and Lower. He wasn't real friendly and I was very uncomfortable in the Chair. I also have a major Spinal injury.
    He kept saying to open my mouth which was open already because of the Rubber Bridge. Well he worked on my mouth for about an hour then got up and walked away. The young Assistant then said I need to come back again to get the rest of the work done. Scheduled for February the 2nd. (9am) Not sure if I will even go back. I am also going to contact the Dental Board of California because I think they did work on me that wasn't needed. This type of Dental Clinic needs to be better monitored and the Government needs to check out these Clinics for Insurance Fraud etc. This Clinic is Awful and my Neck and Back are out thanks to the long sitting in those awful chairs...

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  • Ro
      Mar 17, 2011

    I totally agree with above statement, because I have had exactly same experience. They fraud, cheat, and exaggrate the " problems', the worst thing is they arrange SO many appointments at the same time!!! my average waiting time is 1.5 to 2 hours, some times 3 hours or even longer! most assistants seems unfriendly and irresponsible, the dorctor and assitants are lack of communication skill, when the assitants are really needed, they appear no where.
    The total feeling are: they provide lousy, unprofessional work, they are cheap and very greedy. They do need be rectified and supervised by professional authorities !

    Forturntely, I have switched into a very professional dental group, my nightmare is finally end.

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  • Ro
      Mar 17, 2011

    The Western Dental is the worst dental office I have ever visited, in terms of price, waiting time, quality of service and attitude... its awful !!
    it shoud be stopped its service.
    Not recommned at all !

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  • Am
      May 19, 2011

    Good luck on compaining to the Dental Board of CA, Jeane Ward handled my complaint and never once got on the phone with me and ingnored my appeal. I had to go out of state to find a Doctor/Surgeon to help me in Spokane Wa. I just sent in a complaint about that Agency to The CA Bureau of State Audits 555 Capital Hill, #300 Sacramento CA 95814

    Something fishy is going on with the CA Dental Board. My story is true on Andrea papke

    Concerned Resident,
    Andrea papke

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  • Ka
      Jul 29, 2016

    I so hate western dental they suck and are horrible this is now my second time coming here and still they don't have there ### together it seems to take at least 3 hours every time, cause like this is where I want to spend my while flipping day stuck here with there sucky service this isn't no five star place or a place that strives to serve you at a five star this is like a 0 star place. THEY SUCK I DON'T RECOMMEND THEM TO ANYONE FIND SOMEWHERE ELSE TO GO..

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