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April 13, 2012 took granddaughter to dentist. I was called to desk after few minutes, to be told either pay $680.00 for six months more of service or sign form to discontinue. I signed form also adding that I had been told the braces were to come off Dec 2011. I was given a May 5, 2012 appt. I am not paying anymore money especially since I paid the braces off Feb, 2102.

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  • Ma
      26th of Apr, 2012

    The Dental healthcare system is wrought with overcharging and extortive pricing.
    Unless you are having a tooth removed, ANY procedure they do can only be considered "temporary" as I am currently finding out with over 12K worth of dentistry, bridgework, crowns, etc. all extremely costly. But here we are four years later and the supporting teeth for the bridges are decaying under the bridge .Whats the first thing you hear from EVERY dentist? "Dont you floss?" "Do you feel like you are able to get under and around each of these bridges?"
    No ###, no person is capable of removing every molecule of sugars from under the bridge or around the margins.
    Its an inexact science. Insurance for dentistry is a joke, as the costs for dentistry challenge those of surgeries for broken limbs.
    And dentists know this. They like to send you around too, to their collegues in the Endodontist, Periodontist, and oral surgeon fields.

    I hate dentists, for their fraudulent and overpriced services.

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  • Br
      5th of May, 2012

    Your frog has no legs.

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  • Li
      5th of May, 2012


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  • Sh
      7th of May, 2012

    I completely understand exactly how you feel. I would recommend immediately contacting the Western Dental Corporate Office and lodging a official complaint immediately. You can give them a complaint via phone and they must take the report. However, putting the report in writing will insure that the problem is presented “your way” and not the “report takers” way. You need to get the fact that you are contesting the debt in as a matter of record to protect yourself. I would also recommend contacting me via private message above. Or the preferred method of sending me a email at shesharpshoots @ gmail. com. Sorry for all the spaces in my email address that I have just entered. Obviously there should be no spaces what so ever. However, if I omit the spaces, the system will block my contact information.

    My family has also become one of this company’s victims. However, I am not going to let anyone else come behind me and suffer the same fate. If you have been to one of these locations and have experienced any behavior that you feel was somehow shady, (especially if you had insurance of any kind including, County, State, or Federal Coverage (i.e. County Medical Services, California Children Services (denied or asked to pay more), Medi-Cal, Denti-Cal, etc.) please contact me as we can all help each other.

    As a Group, we are Stronger.
    Persistence Breaks Down Resistance where Justice is Concerned

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