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I was unfortunate to experience complete incompetence and terrible business practices at the Western Dental in Burbank, CA. My insurance only allows me to go to a Western Dental, so I had no choice but to take my tooth pain to this office I already experienced had long waiting times and staff that treated patients with total indifference. Dr. Sadeghi saw me that day and indicated I indeed had an abscessed back moler and needed the tooth extracted. He claimed he could do the extraction right then and there and proceeded to do the procedure. I didn't even consider he might not be qualified to do this until he began violently pulling and tugging at my molar; I thought my jaw would break. It wasn't until about 10 min of this unsuccessful attempt to extract the tooth, he realized he'd be unable to complete the job. Dr. Sadeghi literally left me sitting in the dental chair with a partially extracted molar. In addition, this man was so callous, that when I began to cry due to the excruciating pain he was causing, he scolded me saying, "Don't cry, there are patients here and they're going to hear you!" This un-professionalism was alarming. With an infected tooth partially extracted, the "supervising dentist" came in and told me I needed to see an oral surgeon immediately to finish the job. I was petrified because I knew my insurance would not cover an oral surgeon, yet, I also knew how medically necessary it was. Needless to say, I spent that night at UCLA emergency center where I had to receive morphine along with shots in my mouth of a nerve blocker because I was left in unbearable pain. The Doctor at UCLA seemed perplexed at the condition I was left in and warned me that if I didn't have the tooth completely taken out within 24 hours I would potentially risk serious infection. Thankfully, I found a surgeon named Dr. Margossian in Burbank, who worked with me financially and completed the job that the WD Dentist failed at. I would go so far to say that the Dentist at WD left me in a "life-threatening" position that thankfully an oral surgeon was able to rectify. Dr. Sadeghi's incompetence caused me financial hardship as well as extreme pain; not to mention, the staff at WD was completely unsympathetic and disturbingly callous. This facility should be shut down!

Western Dental

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      12th of Jun, 2012

    Laura, could you please contact me at shesharpshoots at gmail . com. If I write it out the correct way, the computer will block it out. Or if you are a person reading this message that finds yourself in a similar position, feel free to contact me and I don't care how much time has passed.
    I 8yr old daughters and I are also victims of this Corporations antics. I am not affiliated with anyone. I am a disabled stay at home mom. Which is why I have so much time on my hands to put a stop to this behavior. Due to the seriousness of what this company has done to just my family alone is what is driving me to insure that NOTHING LIKE THIS HAPPENS TO ANYONE ELSE including most notably the children and the elderly. Laura (and everyone else reading this post), there are THOUSANDS of us. Not just one or two but thousands of victims. We all have a choice, stand together and fight back or we can be whiners on a bulletin board.

    Which are you... A fighter or a whiner?

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