Weichert Realty / stay away

United States

We just closed on a home in spite of the buyer’s agent, Betty Penelton and everyone else at Weichert Realty of Rye, NY. From the beginning, Betty, who should have worked on our behalf, worked against us. She would not lobby for us with the seller — infact I believe she was in cahoots with the selling agent (also from Weichert) and the seller. We had an agreement and a signed contract and the seller wanted to re-negotiate. Whenever we needed Betty to lobby the seller on our behalf, she refused. She made typos on contracts and fact sheets which cause major problems with our mortgage lender. We chose to go with Weichert Financial services and then when we got the committment letter, the financial services didn’t give us what we were promised (on paper), so we started all over with a different lender. All in all, Betty Penelton and Weichert Realty put up road block after road block in our home purchase and made the whole experience a nightmare. It was only due to my husband’s and my tireless emails, letters and phone calls that we got the purchase completed. Use any other realty besides Weichert in Rye, NY!


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