WeGotLites / bait & switch???

I have seen an ad from 'AdChoices'' pop up on eBay for four days. It says 95% off item 9784BK. But WegotLites will not honor their coupon. I have talked to the company until I am "blue in the face". Someone in the company placed this ad but they will not let me talked to the person. All I am asking them is to honor my order. I can't send a picture because I have an older desktop and can't take pictures with it. They might be a great company? Now here is a question: What is a "Bait and Switch"? Is it when you answer an AD and when you order it they try and make you think they didn't know about the AD and want to charge me the full retail price with a small discount. I do not know. just asking?

PS. I did find the ad picture within a story at the New York Times.


Jun 04, 2018

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