Weebly / unethical behaviour

United States
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I started using Weebly 4 years ago to build my own website called "".

It is an excellent website development tool using "drag and drop" features.

However, in that time I have paid over $2500 to Weebly for "Google Apps for Your Domain", "Weebly Pro Site", "Weebly Business Site", and "Weebly Starter Site", etc.

I had no notifications/confirmations of these payments because they went to my secondary email address and not to my business email address.

Weebly are very sly when it comes to purchases and payments.

Weebly is marketed as a free website tool yet I have paid the amount above over a 4 year period.

I would like a large refund in order that the total payments are reduced to $250 which is a reasonable sum.

Oct 23, 2018

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