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WCI designed for me a website and sold me a traffic package which produced absolutely nothing. It was all a scam, just like the other reports on this website attest to. They send you a long list of websites in which you may list your website on and do your own advertising, but the traffic package they sold me generated nothing, not one sale. I was given a stats page in which a bunch of numbers was generated every day showing how many visitors were driven to my website. At the end of the year, they claimed they had sent 50, 000 visitors to my website. All rigged, I'm sure, and they can not and will not prove otherwise. So, they ripped me off for a total of $1, 900.

I took legal action and was awarded a judgment almost a year ago. They refuse to pay the judgment and are hiding their assets and avoiding contact.

I called them to inquire as to why they were not paying the judgment and spoke with some lame brain named Michelle. She was very smart mouthed and screamed and yelled and said she was going to go online and ruin my name. She stated that she was going to say that I liked little boys. And they have said that I am not professional. I can't say that anything they say or do is professional, except for being professional rip-offs.

I'm still waiting for them to pay off and there is much more information I can reveal about them and how they operate and what they hide behind. Stay tuned to this website to learn more of their dirty secrets.


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      Jan 21, 2009

    I just had a similar experience all except I did not get ripped off. They called me with their high pressure sales garbage, and as soon as I stated I was going to check public records for judgements, lawsuits etc, that same "Michelle" started with the foul mouthed, vulgar language. She stated I would always be poor, etc. (which I am not), and continued to make sexually oriented comments concerning children, sex with animals, and other various ###ic trash. I will report them to FTC, Better Business Bureau, and the Attorney General. I now believe them to be a bunch of criminals that are trying to steal from people in need of income, and they should be shut down.

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  • Ca
      Feb 13, 2009

    i think they need to be shut down because i was told by david ferra i was suppose to be paid every 30days and every 90days and have not got the first red cent.THEY ARE NOTHING BUT A BUNCH OF LYING NO GOOD SCAMMERS

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  • An
      Feb 14, 2009

    I had a bad experience with this company and choose to post this message for ANYONE CONSIDERING DOING BUSINESS with these nasty people.
    My husband and I were sold a bill of goods regarding what this site was. We were to pay $149 and then an additional $149 once we made 3K from our business.
    Please note that we were very CLEAR with then upon signing up that we weren't interested in paying tons of money for advertising until we started generating a profit.
    They promised us coaching and promised specific days and times they would call and never did. Our first experience with one of their "advertising reps" was insulting as the guy actually threatened to charge our card anyway.
    I had to go to discover and dispute the claim--they eventually wiped out all charges.
    However, these people lied to the BBB in AZ and called and harassed me numerous times on my cell phone both at home and work.
    I am shocked at the audacity of "Michelle". I am sorry for the experiences that I have read here. I do believe that there are power in numbers and that this company needs to be exposed and shut down. Please continue to get the word out.


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  • Fa
      May 12, 2009

    I'm Also another person that was scammed by Web club International because I not only experienced a lot of non professional tactics such as not having my website setup the way I requested and paid for, but also was given this far fetched sails pitch that their pop under advertising campaigns which I reluctantly paid for would generate tons of gaurenteed visitors. To this day, I'm out over $1100.00 and have not recieved not one red cent and their stats have to be completely made up of lies lies lies because the web site they supposedly are promoting with my links do not show any visitors whatsoever, not even ONE.


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  • Gu
      Jul 27, 2009

    Hi, I am Sandra and web club scam me too. I send the 400.00 after, nothing no calls emails nothing.I recently send them a cerified letter asking for my account to be close. Again nothing therefore I would like to take further action. WouldYou be kind enough to provide me the details on how I can.

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  • Ja
      May 16, 2010

    Hi Im Jada, A single mother in Baltiimore, MD I was recently applying for a loan trying to make ends meet when I was scammed out of $40.00 in my checking account. I had never signed up or had wanted to purchase anything from these people. This company should be under investigation for their unauthorized use of accounts. Why are they still in business ?

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  • Po
      Aug 15, 2016
    Web Club International - promises broken
    V W B Global
    United States

    I was looking for a home based web site. I have built 2 site of my own by the time that Bob Stevens of Web Club International contacted me and made it sound like a legit business. I thought that it would work as well as he had promised to me. It has been close to a year and has not generated a penny so far to me. I would make calls to him and all I heard was more promises and that he did not understand why I was not making any money. I have called several times and have gotten a recording that is not of Mr. Stevens (if that is his real name). I have called him today prior to this writing and just got the recording again. I have read other stories and they are the same as the one that I am writing about.

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