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My husband Zachary and I called and spoke with a representative who put us in touch with a representative at the branch located at 1647 Butler Plank Road, Glenshaw, PA 15116 and worked with an individual named Craig who was incredibly rude and condescending, and refused to give us any formal information on the "guesstimate" he was giving us - instead started to lecture on how long he has been in the business, etc, etc - at which point we decided to leave as there was nothing product coming from the conversation.See the Top 10 Worst Companies in Glenshaw, PA Customers have every right to ask for formal information so that they can make an informed decision and the fact that this company denied the information to me and then are using that to say that I was not a real customers is completely unacceptable and frankly a deliberate and unethical means of censoring what may be perceived as a negative review but is LEGITIMATE. Shame on this company for bad business practices and trying to distort FACT.

I was so appalled by the experience that I wrote a review on Trustpilot Reviews which is the only place that you can write a review and did so.

The company turned around and replied with the following:

"We have no record of this person nor any inspection of a vehicle."

Complete Lie. We were there around 3:00 - the appointment time given to us over the phone by their representatives.

They do not have the right to censor reviews just because they do not like them and by citing that I was not a real customer who dealt with them. Liars and cheats.

We Buy Any Car

Jan 18, 2017

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