Walton County DFCS (Division of Family and Children Services)walton county dfcs

They will destroy your family, your children, your relationship, and you personally. I am not going to say I am a saint by no means, but I didn't deserve what they have done to me nor my children. I have jumped through their hoop and did their song and dance for over 20 months now. I still do not have my children back in my custody. The judge does not go by the orders he puts in place either. They are terrible people. Walton county has a way of playing by their rules and making up their rules as they go along, which it totally against all state laws. I do not understand why nobody has exposed them yet. Its not like our county is ran on money, but it is ran by the good ol' boy system. More on what has been going on, I have a 9 month old baby and they refused to let me see her for almost 5 months.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Monroe, CT It sent me in a huge mental breakdown and depression, I could nearly get out of bed. I literally wanted to die, I tried to [censored] form being separated from my new born baby. I sent myself away for almost 2 months to one of the top rehabs in the state of ga. To deal and learn coping skills to deal with my everyday life. Yes I am an addict and anyone researches it is considered a disease by the mental health association, although I don't see them taking children away from people that have diabetes or cancer. I am treating my addiction and I do take my medications like I am supposed too. They even tried to count my medications the last time I went into the office to see if I was taking them. They are not pharmacist nor doctors so they can not do that. If anyone else is experiencing the same things please don't hesitate to comment! Thanks

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