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Walmart / bad service!

1 2951 Blue Angel Parkway, Pensacola Florida, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 850 458 5550

On December 07, 2007 I ordered the Celestine Prophecy from and opted to use their site to store shipping. The order was said to arrive before Christmas Eve between the 19 and 23 of December. I thought great. I'll be flying out on the 24th and have it just in time. I called on the 19 no package so I said to the customer service rep I'd just call back on Sunday which is today surely it would be there. I called at around 9:00 am. Spoke with a representative who took my order number and phone number and said she would call me right back. An hour past with no call. I called back and ask about the movie for the second time. Same thing except the lady called me right back and asked for the order number yet again. She looked it up said she couldn't find it. I asked to speak with a manager it took over 10 min of being on hold. He took the information put me back on hold had another young lady answer the phone and give me the site to store number. I called the site to store 1 800 number where the representative asked me for the order number, placed me on hold came back to the phone a couple minutes later told me she spoke with the store here and that it indeed was at the store and had been in fact delivered on the Dec 12, 2007. THE 12 of DECEMBER, here it is the 23rd and I received no call, no email, and when I called on the 19th and even today I was told my DVD wasn't there? I called back and asked the manager why I hadn't received a call and why when I called I was told it wasn't there more than three times. He tells me to hold on comes back about 5 minutes later to tell me "Miss Richards your DVD is here". DUH! Are you kidding me? This guy is the manager? Whoa walmart has soom pretty low standards. The phone hangs up after I told him I knew the DVD was there I wanted to know why I didn't get a call or was told it was in when I called. It could have been my cell phone just lost the signal so I called back. I was on hold for 10 minutes. I got in my car went to the store and was still on hold when I got there. I walk into the store and Ricky the asst manager finally answers. I told him I was in the store and to meet me at customer service. I was on hold so long I made it to the store before anyone answered the phone to help me. WOW.

Ricky began to tell me he had no way of checking packages when they came in. He said it takes 15 days then the customer is notified. WHAT? 15 days after my package arrives then I'm notified. That's the process? I asked him and another manager what the process was when packages came in to the stores and they had no answer, they worked around the question never giving me a straight answer. Never did find out what the process was or why I didn't receive a call or email or why no one could tell me my package was in when it had been there since the 12th. The Store manager then began to tell me I was making no sense and I was lucky I got my package. ARE YOU KIDDING ME. A dvd that I paid $17.06 I was lucky to get it 10+ days after it arrived at the store. Me a Air Force Veteran who volunteered my time to defend this country with him in it and who is only a few months shy of completing a Master of Science Degree in Psychology is making no sense and is lucky to get a DVD I paid for. Wow way to go managers Blue Angel Wal-Mart in Pensacola, Florida.

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      5th of Jul, 2015

    Sunday, July 5, 2015 around 1:30 pm.
    With my 2 sons (6 & 4), I want to Wal-Mart-Germantown, Maryland to purchase hamlets & other sport accessories, while they were trying some items, a black worker came to us and start talking very loud [shouting] at us to put everything back on the rack. I told her "yes mom" I will...but kept running her moth! "mom we are her to buy few things and leave...we are not in the mood of arguing or fighting with anyone", I said...then, she said "I will meet you outside the". I called 911, three police officers show up, unfortunately, they were more DUM than the "DDDUUUMMM"...making FUN of me and my kids! I told them can you please walk us to my car because I am concerned than woman was series and I don't want anything bad to happened. One police officer said "are you a MAN"? I said "it's not about being a man, it's about safety because I have to kids with me"...then he turn his face to the other police officers and said "Ok, let me kiss his ### ..let me kiss his ### and walk HIM to his car", I said "how can say such a bad language before children..." then we left. In fact, I talked to the general manager of the store and did nothing...just standing with his small tiny head, really small head, looking at me and my children. I believe, the woman has some hardcore issue, I believe, the three police men have VERY hardcore issue too. In the feature, I will never go back to any Wal-Mart, I will never ever call the POLICE for anything, and if see a police officer bleeding to death, I will never ever help him/her!

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