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Wal-mart (Store-2688) / manager's ban together against me, did not report my work injury!!!

1 6801 S.BROADWAYTyler, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 903(939-9532)

Manager's - mike, john, juan, the entire management team at store 2688, these men have me at lost for word's. I was a new employee that was alway's giving wal-mart 110%, not unlike, other employees who are stealing, making false time adjustments for wages they never worked, clocking out, leaving the job for long periods of time, re-appearing back to work as if they were there the entire time. I was constantly told I was doing a great job. Was moved to the grocery dept, told I was going to get a wage increase, it never came. I continued to give my all. I was very dedicated. A mother to three children I was given custody of 6years ago by child protective court, both of my children are chronically ill, I needed this job, my family just moved to tyler, after seeking employment from various companies, wal-mart hired me first. While working during the hurricane ike storm, my work load was unusually heavy. I was sent on one of the most demanding isle of the store, the cereal isle, with no help, yet I was able to complete my assignment by cutting my break/lunch. I noticed two men were assigned a isle that only required one person. I injured myself at work, manager's asked if I could work the next two day's off, which were my off days, after working a week straight. I said yes, without hesitation. I called in that morning explained to manager I was not able to come in, due to the injury of my back/neck. Okay, take it easy sandra was stated. After two emergency hospital visit's it was found that I had swelling in my back/neck causing severe pain to the left side of my head. My emergency room excuse for work was given to the over-night manager (Mike) mike also, did not report the injury, nor did he file my work-injury paper's into my employee file. The paper's were never found/other manager's claim there's no mike as manager. I filed my worker's comp. I needed medical attention/required to be off longer for rehabilitation. While waiting for wal-mart insurance carrier to furnish claim number to doctor, I was informed that wal-mart managers knew nothing of my injury. I was fired /without notice. The managers called me, to come in and fill out workers comp claim papers, only to have me fill out the papers, have juan carlos, one of the managers take the information from me, go into another room with other managers to discuss the plan of how they are going to tell me, I didn't hurt myself, make a date, to tell me I was fired, therefore, I don't have a claim. I need medical treatment desperately, doctor's in tyler refuse to see me again because they want the carrier claim number, wal-mart is still refusing to send in the claim, even after I came in to fill out the claim forms. Let me guess, those claim forms dont exist either? My imaginary friend filled out those paper's also? Wal-mart, what a joke! Wal-mart alway's helping in the community, what about the employees? Under paid, over-worked. I have witnessed a lot of wrong doing at this location. Managers in the office listening to music, conversating about personal business, bad-mouthing employees. Managers not answering phones/walkie talkies/not assisting customers. On various occasions, I was on the floor/customer ask for large quanities of an item/after seeking manager, manager did not attempt to look for item, costing wal-mart inc. To lose over $1, ooo for this particular exchange. Told me to tell customer we were out of the item, when in fact we had it in stock. I apologized to the customer and sent him to targets for the exact item he was requesting. I was not going to tell a lie. Another customer asked me to see if a baby crib was in stock, I ask the manager/again this manager didn't attempt to look. Customer asked to talk to manager, manager was not in office anymore/manager was paged. Do you think that manager ever came after several pages? Think again!! No! What kind of skill's do these rude managers have to have for their position? Wal-mart suppose to have an open-door policy, yeah! Right! All you have to do is, pay a visit to the smoking section outside for employees, you will hear managers talking about other managers, employees personal business. Cursing, etc. Wal-mart is in desperate need of mystery shoppers at this location. I could go on-and-on, but hopefully wal-mart inc. Would do the right thing and send me some medical help. I can't afford to be ill, my plate is full with the children. I do not have anymore medicine to help me until wal-mart send my claim to the insurance carrier. The thing that I don't understand, the insurance carrier for wal-mart is willing to furnish the claim, only if wal-mart could send it in to them... Signed, I hope the next company appreciate a good employee... Sandra sanders, tyler, texas if anyone would know of any kind of assistance for me, medical, legal, please send to.

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  • Ia
      26th of Aug, 2010
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    don't write in ALL CAPS dummy it gives the impression your shouting. also no one is persecuting you. you are an ignorant fool with limited marketable skills. you have issues, welcome to the world we all have issues. if you get hurt on the job, it is YOUR responsibility to report it to a salaried manager immediately. WM puts you through a procedure to document and assist you. i am calling bs on you because you are a typical loser trying to get over.

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