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Wage Works does not work! I retired on 10/31/18. I received my COBRA paperwork for my dental plan and submitted it with a check for Nov, Dec, Jan. The check cleared my bank in November before the due date. I talked with my dental carrier who states they need an update from Wage Works. Who states they are waiting on an update from my HR department. WHY? I am not employed. I have no HR department. COBRA must agree because WAGE WORKS sent me the paperwork which I completed and sent to them. My former HR department is sharp and would have completed whatever was required IF Wage Works requested it. I tried to get a dental appointment in December and January but my insurance was verified as terminated. Wage Works has my money. The insurance carrier does not have record of my coverage. Wage Works expects me to continue with my payments when I cannot get anything for my premiums? I am due to pay another monthly payment. Instead I am filing a CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT. The government should not allow our funds to be mismanaged by Wage Works. Look at all the negative reviews and complaints online.

I paid enough to have covered half of my dental visit if I have to pay privately. If I do, my lawsuit will request compensation for every person who paid privately but Wage Works failed to confirm their insurance was active upon receipt of payment.

I've already contacted an attorney who is interested. I've been too busy with a family member's serious illness to return their three calls. I have free time on Friday & will call them then.

I am livid over this misuse of a government contract that affects citizen's ability to use services that they are due.

They have awakened a sleeping bulldog.

Jan 23, 2019
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  • Cl
      Feb 07, 2019

    I am having similar issues. I am being denied dental coverage even though I have been paying for it through Cobra. My former employer changed their dental coverage in August but has told me that should not change my Cobra situation. BCBS which is supposed to have my dental coverage, cancelled my policy when my former employer changed dental coverage. Wageworks has not done anything to rectify or help with this situation. They claim to have sent paperwork to BCBS to verify that I am up to date. I keep trying to explain what I have been told by BCBS and they do nothing. They have taken my money for dental but I have no idea where it has gone. I have no dental coverage even though I have been paying for it. I have no idea what else to do at this point.

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  • Na
      May 02, 2019

    When you are on COBRA your employer is supposed to pay the bill. If your employer stopped paying BCBS, and if WageWorks isn't paying the insurance premium for your dental coverage then you are probably not covered. Contact BCBS directly and ask them about your coverage and what the payment options are.
    As for what you have already paid to WageWorks - Print out as much information as you can about the payments you already made. Tell WageWorks you need proof of your coverage.

    If WageWorks has not done anything with your premium, and there is no coverage then seek legal counsel.
    Please keep your employer in the loop. They need to know what is going on.

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