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These guys have no clue what they are doing. A few weeks ago my wallet was stolen and I had to replace my WageWorks credit card that I use to purchase my Metra monthly pass. First of all I was told it would take 3 - 4 weeks to get the replacement. Really? Do these guys make the plastic, magnetic strips and ink for the cards from scratch?

I asked how I get reimbursed for my out of pocket expense for purchasing it myself. I was told to fill out a form and fax it, which I did. The amount i claimed was $135 for the metra monthly pass. The amount in my account was $135.25. Yet, somehow, they denied it for insufficient funds.

I called their customer service guy, went through myriad online questions, eventually got to a person, who asked me many of the same questions. He had no clue why I had been denied, had nobody he could ask in a reasonable time, and I still have not received my money back.

They sell themselves to companies as a way of making the firm's and the employee's lives easier. In reality, they can't make anything easier. Run a customer service organization? No, these guys couldn't run a bath.

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  • Dear WageWorks Participant,

    Thank you for your communication concerning your account issues. Your feedback is very important, and on behalf of WageWorks, we sincerely apologize for your experience.

    We recognize your level of dissatisfaction and would value the opportunity to resolve your account concerns. Please contact us at [protected] for additional assistance.


    WageWorks Executive Escalation Team

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  • Cr
      Aug 21, 2012

    ive had wageworks for years and love it! know everyone is complaining about wageworks but whose fault is it really?..wageworks? or you all for not reading the fine print?..all the information is provded to you, time, know what youre sighning up for.

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  • Th
      May 07, 2013

    Im going to have to agree with Crystalcastles,
    its not WW fault, they are just following the IRS guidelines.
    card replacement does not take 3-4 weeks, i have lost my card as well, and they did tell me that it may take 2-3 weeks, but i got it within a week. they have to tell you 2-3 weeks because they dont control the post office, or dont tell my that you trust the Post office???
    come on!!!
    I also dont have any complaints from WW, I follow the guidelines and get my reimbursements every time. Only once a claim has denied, but that was my fault.

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