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WageWorks / Bad service

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WageWorks for two years in a row has received a faxed claim from me on 3/31 but claimed it was illegible. 3/31 is the last date you can submit a claim from the previous year. So, they wait a month and then send a letter saying that the claim was illegible, and to re-send it. So, I immediately re-send, but then, of course, they say that the claim is too late. Thus, I lose out on MY money, I guess perhaps because they are too lazy to process claims, which they are in business to do.

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  • Pe
      11th of Sep, 2008
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    Wage works has repeatedly required me to submitt receipts from both my primary care physician, and my optomitrist. Last year I was required to send in the original receipt for my daughters adenoectomy, at the West Tennessee Ear Nose and Throat clinic. I cannot for the life of me figure out what services they think I am receiving (other than medical) at my doctor's office. I sent in these receipts over a month ago by mail, and have been informed that they were never received. I, of course informed them, that I did not believe for one minute that they had not received them. My optomitrist faxed a computer printout, detailing his charges for me, and I was also told that it was illegible. My card has been suspended, with a balance of 1600+ dollars left on it. It is my opinion that these practices are for the sole purpose of making sure there is a balance on as many accounts as possible at the end of the year. This money after all, is forfieted to wageworks if it is not spent.

    One can also assume that the company is not honest since it is not possible to speak to even a floor supervisor, nor to speak directly to the claims department. When sending in my last receipts I faxed them in, however, there was no name for me to put the fax "to the attn: of". This makes it very convienent for the customer service rep. to then tell me the fax was never received.

    All I know is that I will not be participating in this program next year, and I plan to advise everyone I know not to participate as well. I furthermore intend to take an add in the hospital, and local papers advising everyone I don't know not to participate in this corrupt program.

    And if they do not unfreeze my card VERY soon, I may seek legal representation concerning my remaining monies.

  • D0
      19th of Sep, 2008
    +2 Votes

    I have also found that Wageworks idea of customer service is their way or the highway. I can't get any clear explanation of why they choose to deny some charges but not others even from the same doctors offices.

    They have suspended my services without even a warning.

    Previously sending them faxes of receipts have taken multiple tries until the receive them.

    With this level of service I wonder if I'll ever get my money back.

  • Me
      15th of Oct, 2008
    +2 Votes

    If you have the option of enrolling in this healthcare spending account, run the other way. They suspend your card with no notice after they deem things like 1800contacts and Medco are not eligible. You are guilty until proven innocent. They essentially hold your money hostage.

  • Sp
      28th of Oct, 2008
    +2 Votes

    Wageworks is awful. They do not yet know what customer service is and I believe never will. They make me re-send things in up to five times. I mail them hardcopied, fax them and call them. It has been a nightmare having to deal with them. I think they are one of the very worst companies I have ever dealt with in my life. Wageworks is a lazy disorganized company who could care less.

  • Ma
      28th of Oct, 2008
    +1 Votes

    My Cobra is thru Wageworks. I am very ill & do not appriciate the ###s whom operate the phones at Wageworks. This month (Oct 31) is deadline for renewing my Cobra plan. My father helped me with the paperwork and mailed it certified mail with return receipt. :( My letter has been sitting in a Chicago post office over 10 days now. WTF?? These people are so dumb they don't even know how to check their mail.
    One ghetto worker said "Even if someone went to Chicago, they wouldn't know what post office to go to."
    I find that very disturbing. Seems like their goal is for me to NOT maintain my health insurance, as my healthcare exspenses exceed 20k a month.

  • Ak
      14th of Dec, 2008
    0 Votes

    did they say that they couldn't make any of it out, or just portions of the fax?

  • Br
      15th of Jan, 2009
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    Wageworks is a horrible company designed from beginning to end to scam the commuter as much as possible. I know from an inside perspective that they intentionally set up their practices to withhold as much money from the end-user as possible. And by the way, the customer is NOT the individual worker -- their customer is OTHER businesses! They do not care one bit about the person who is trying to get to and from work everyday and make an HONEST living. Look for other pre-tax deductions -- this one is NOT worth it.

  • Ke
      5th of Feb, 2009
    0 Votes

    I'm also having an issue with them and contacted them several times. They're acting like a government office as I don't have an alternative service. Their customer service is rude and slow -- transfer me to a couple of times every time I call, and I had to explain about the problem every person I got transferred to, and give the same personal information every time. One guy I was transferred to was like "tell me what your problem is, quickly!" and put me on hold more than 10 min.

    I don't understand why their voice automated system ask for personal information *and* their representatives ask for the same information, then every time I got transferred, they ask again.

    I spoke to the supervisor today (Keyya station #105, supervisor, who wouldn't give me her last name, sounded like she didn't want to get bothered) -- and she did the same thing, ask for the same info, about the problem -- later she said she can read on her screen -- so they don't even bother to read the notes but ask customers to explain every time. All she said is, 'Sorry for the inconveniences. You'll be contacted by us.' -- In other words, it's like saying, 'bug off, and just wait' So I offered them if I should talk to my companies HR or department about this and told me not to. I wonder why.

    They only have phone support, no emails, no fax, and so called this "Client service department" who investigates problems won't talk to customers.

    I wish there are other companies doing the same thing, and my employer provide me an option to choose.

  • Ke
      15th of Feb, 2009
    +1 Votes

    I am on my second attempt with them and they have denied my second faxed request for commuter benefit reimbursement. This is not lazy or disorganized on their part. It is their business model. Fortunately, my wife is an attorney and we are going to the AG.
    I suggest you do likewise, this is larceny.

  • Jo
      27th of Apr, 2009
    0 Votes

    There are lots of companies that are closing down. I hope Wageworks is one of them. Clearly, the customer service reps are incompetent, don't even understand how the program works. It;s so stressful to talk to them. We paid for the funds ahead of time and they were acting like credit card collectors.

  • Ph
      19th of May, 2009
    +1 Votes

    Wageworks just screwed us too same as this - ITW my empolyer have dumped them this year thankfully!

  • 4k
      28th of Oct, 2009
    +1 Votes

    Our card was suspended without notice also. I got a call from my dentist saying the card was if we were abusing the system!!! The great irony is that after I dig up the receipts and fax them over, their underambitious staff takes several days to process them so we still can't use the card.
    The customer service is abysmal. After several calls to them, we agreed to NOT use the flex accout next year. The tax break is not worth the hassle of dealing with Wageworks. They are holding OUR money hostage and we have done nothing wrong. You'd think that between the billing system, doctor's offices and wageworks that they could figure out a way to pay the claim and not make us prove that we really recieved medical services from our doctors!

  • Wa
      19th of Nov, 2009
    +1 Votes

    Wageworks has twice now failed to pay my daycare provider to the tune of almost $800. They claim they paid it and the check cleared; however, the daycare provider has not received payment. I have had 3 children go through this daycare over the coarse of 7 years without any payment issues.

    Wageworks says if their web site says the check cleared then it must be the provider's fault. I don't know about you, but in the past I have sometimes received someone elses bills or statements (i.e. two bills in a single mailer.) I am betting that some other daycare provider received my checks and deposited them.

    I have submitted another research request and am patiently awaiting their response. If they deny the request, what recourse do I have? Have I lost $800?

  • St
      13th of Dec, 2009
    +1 Votes

    Getting my HSA money back is always a struggle. No matter how many times I try the 'pay me back' feature I always end up having to call them, because they do not pay me. I don't know what I can do. This is my own money that I paid into the account and that I need to cover my healthcare expenses. We're being held hostage by these people.

  • Om
      12th of Feb, 2010
    +1 Votes

    I am a new WageWorks client...and am thoroughly disgusted with them already. The electronically deducted funds have been withdrawn from my paycheck twice...and the first time, it took a WEEK for ELECTRONICALLY TRANSFERRED funds to reach the WageWorks people. As a result, my daycare provider was not paid, I had to pay out of pocket (which is what the FSA is supposed to keep me from having to do), and late fees were incurred. The SECOND deduction came out of my check, and, to date has not yet been credited to my FSA... 4 days after the fact.

    Additionally, this most recent payment was "sent out" on two different days...depending on whom you believe. When I check online status, it says one date and when I call Customer Disservice, I am given a different date, three days later. And yet again, my daycare provider was not yet received payment, necessitating me writing them a check for TWO weeks service on Monday...with, of course, more late fees.

    And Customer Disservice there is a joke! Nobody ever addresses my questions and instead keeps reading from the script given them. And on the one time I was transferred to a "supervisor" I got a snide jerk who had the gall to tell me "And I will continue to repeat myself" after I complained that he was continually repreating the same line over and over instead of answering my questions.

    The latest Customer Rep I spoke with could not furnish me with an e-mail address to ANYONE in administration, nor a phone number. Offering me only the shift supervisor. Unless someone helps me next phone call will be to an attorney.

  • Pi
      25th of Feb, 2010
    +1 Votes

    Totally agree - I spent approximately weeks getting back money that was unequivocally due to me - staff is nasty, totally not responsive and arrogant - stating that they have to justify their actions to the IRS and that all money that they have not returned goes to your employer, in fact, I believe it is going to them.

    I filed all necessary papers however for each form that they found deficient, and I would rectify and issues and they would then find the new form deficient in a way the previous one wasn't. I was shocked that a world renowned hospital would subcontract out to them, because it was clear to me that they were skirting the edges of fraud.

    Finally in order to get back money they owed me, I had to take them to Small Claims Court - however, since they told me that all money they forfeited went back to my employer, so I had to sue my employer - yet when the check came, it was sent from Wage Works.

    Please, avoid Wage Works and encourage your employer to find a subcontractor who is legitimate. No tax savings could be worth dealing with this organization and in addition - you could actually lose funds you have legitimately put aside for healthcare.

  • Wa
      26th of Feb, 2010
    +1 Votes

    I am so thoroughly disgusted with WageWorks. They are some con artists and I am finding this out as I go along trying to get my COBRA benefits that I am by law supposed to be entitled to . They have sent me 8 different letters since Oct. 09, each saying something different and I have talked to countless associates and a supervisor who had the nerve to say she knew what I was going through. I told her " No you don't know what I'm going through because you have health insurance". I have sent them the money that 3 different associates told me to send which was $275 and some change which was supposed to have me updated until the end of Feb. Now, I need to send them $900 more dollars according to the supervisor that I talked to 2 days ago. Then I get a letter yesterday that said I was behind on my payments and that I need to pay them by the date on the letter which was Feb 11 but the letter wasn't postmarked until Feb. 19th and only got to me on Feb 25th, 2010 in the mail. I can't understand why I keep talking to people there that keep giving me the wrong information, wrong payment amount, and sending the wrong paperwork. After investigating via the internet, I now see I am not alone and that it is a big scam that I and my health cannot afford. On top of this, they are getting money from the government to subsidize my coverage but I still have no coverage at all. I do not trust sending them $900 more dollars on the chance that I may get insurance. Just Ridiculous. I hope the feds get them good.

  • Di
      16th of Mar, 2010
    +1 Votes

    I'd like to know whether or not a class action suit or other legal action has been successful by any of the other victims of WAGEWORKS unethical ways.

    I also submitted valid medical expenses, which were approved- however; they used them to "offset" other medical bills that were paid by the card earlier in the year. I submitted the required verification of charges form, with receipts, yet they claims THOSE were received the day AFTER cut off 4/1. Both faxes for my request for reimbursement and verification of charges for card use were sent in the SAME day. They didn't match up the receipts. This is equivalent to the tune of about 1200. I've called in, written letters, and have now come to the point of threatening a complaint and legal action (Which I want to do). They almost chuckle when I call, because of the "time it's been" though they hadn't pulled their stunt off until months later- without warning or notice. My funds have been held hostage. Besides the stress, time and embarrassment, shouldn't they also be held liable for interest on this money they fail to reimburse when they except the valid charges, but pull this BS after the cut off period?

    Disgusted, doesn't even begin to express how I feel.

  • Ba
      29th of Mar, 2010
    +1 Votes

    I have never seen such a dishonest company. this is my money, after all. and they won't give it to me, regardless of how its documented. I will sue them

  • Ma
      6th of Apr, 2010
    +1 Votes

    I submitted valid medical expenses on March 29. On March 31 I received an email notification that my claims were being processed. Today I received a snail mail stating that my claims were denied because I missed the March 31 deadline. That was something isn't it? I lost about $200 in unclaimed funds.
    The fact is that they requires documentation for all sorts of expenses incurred during doctor's visit, lab test and what not. Aren't expenses incurred at doctors' offices medical expenses? All expenses were assumed fraudulent until proven otherwise. I am glad my employer with a few thousand employees dropped them. Good riddance!

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