WageWorkslost wage works cards, and incompetent offshore personnel with no solutions

I have been an employee of Omega World Travel since June 11, 2018.

Since becoming legible for the Flexible Spending Account, I have had two cards mailed to me. They either arrived very late/ the card ending in 3339, or the 2nd one, mailed to my employer address Omega World Travel - never arrived.

I am extremely frustrated with the incompetent service and their personnel, who are located offshore and not in the United States .See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in San Mateo, CA

I have the feeling the personnel does not communicate in English very well, or has a limited understanding of the English language.

I have had 5 different calls with Wage works personnel over the last 3 months and find myself either having to repeat myself over and over again, or the staff does not understand my situation.

I am most frustrated with their lack of flexibility. The staff tell me they are unable to expedite shipment of a card to me. This is even after I offered to pay for this myself.

This is a very poor service provider. I recommend any potential company avoid utilizing their services

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