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Wachovia / Rip off

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I made a cash deposit as I typically will do to cover checks that need to be written that day, only to find out a week later all my checks bounced because they did not post my deposit until two days later. Upon checking into this they said that cash deposits are never immediately available and if deposited after 2PM the funds would be available the following business day. This was always their policy and it is because cash still needs to be posted that evening with the banking business.

I could not believe what I was hearing -- for 20 years now I have been making cash deposits and never heard that line of crap before. They were not going to refund my fees and I later found a number of these in my account. I never expect to get fees back from them as a friend of mine who use to run a Wachovia financial Center told me flat out that employees would be terminated for refunding fees more than once for a customer.

As money becomes harder to come by in this country one would think big corporations would ease off -- they all seem to be taking much much much more. I am not sure where it all stops, and know of nobody who can take on banking or corps with unlimited funds. Might I suggest everyone in this country who does not own a bank should get together with one voice and say enough is enough. I think what big banks are doing is borderline criminal!

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  • Mo
      26th of Aug, 2008
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    I knew that I had overdrawn my account by $2.00, I had made debit card purchases over the weekend and they were all on "HOLD"...hold my A**...another transaction hit that was larger than all of the rest...and WACHOVIA took the $$$ from the transaction that had been on "hold" instaed of ONE over draft fee I got hit with 6...I plan on filing a class action lawsuit against WACHOVIA...what they do is unethical!!!

  • Va
      3rd of Sep, 2008
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    I was called by wachovia on Saturday, August 30th, by Wachovia concerning my parents not having insurance on their pickup. I told this person that they were mistaken because I pay the insurance bill. They argued with me about it until I stated that I would like some proof of no insurance and told them I bet I could prove them wrong.

    They told me to have my parents clean out the pickup because they were not going to deal with me any longer. I was then told they knew where I lived, I asked if that was a threat and was told to take it anyway I felt. I took it as a threat and called the police in my town and explained what had happened and to see if they could patrol the neighborhood a little more than what they do. I was at camp and my youngest daughter who is 18 was at home alone. I called the neighbors and asked them to keep an eye out for any one that was suspicious that came to the house. I called a friend in my parents home town to make sure that they would be looked after.

    I feel if this company is doing this kind of thing to me, then just imagine what they are doing to others. I wonder if anyone was actually hurt by them physically. Something needs to be done before they go to far.

  • He
      27th of Oct, 2008
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    Wachovia = Walkoveryou

    if you ask me wachovia is a bunch of ###
    they stole a few thousand dollars from me over the past year

    They set a trap by puttig money in your account example $15.00
    i cal bank and ask them whats the 15.00 for they said they have no idea but its valid and that is what i have.

    They tell me its safe to spend and i say well wont it overdraft.they said no you are fine that money is there and no we do not know how it got there but its yours to spend,

    so i spent it and left myself with 3.04
    then all of a sudden i get hit with charges out of no where
    for 70.00 then all of a sudden i notice some items on hold
    that i know i already paid for a week before hand.

    what they did was change the dates on my purchases to make it look like i just bought them with that 3.04 cents i had

    i was hit with another 170.00 over draft fee
    they told me they will gladly refund me 11 dollars what a joke.

    when i went to the bank they said they dont have access to the recording of my phone call i made to them.

    heather valentine

  • Gi
      8th of May, 2009
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    Here is an eamil I sent Wachovia...

    I was just charged $280 dollars in overdraft fees that I just dont understand. That is 8 individual overdrafts. From what I can see on my acccount it was immpossible for me to do so. Your bank likes to allow purchases on a debit card with insuffient funds just so you can make the money in NSF payments etc... You also like to place certain things on hold (processing) and make it look like it has been deducted from my balance only to finally process it when you can get money in overdrafts! You rip your customers off in todays economy and struggles and I consider it just plain evil and greedy. I am on unemployment and have cancelled my direct deposit to my account so I can feed my family and pay my rent without you taking all my money in ### overdraft fees! I will pay this balance if and when I find another job and am able to save up the money. I dont care if you put me in the chex systems! I am also closing my bank account with you crooked ripp offs if I am ever able to pay off the balance of your scheme! Wachovia sucks and your attempt on making me and my family homeless and hungry is sicking!!!

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