United States Review updated: is a scam. They’ve started to send text messages to my mobile phone and I thought they were just a scam. But I was shocked to realize that they’ve charged me for those messages… How did they managed to do it without my consent?

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  • Ym
      23rd of May, 2012

    This is disgusting!!! I have had the same experience and been embezzled for $5/SMS since 25/04/2012. My attempt to reason with both Virgin Mobile and Optus fell on deaf ears. Supposedly today I have had premium SMS's blocked. However, I expect - nay - DEMAND that Optus reimburse me for this blatant theft.
    No, I did not subscribed, have not lent my phone to anyone, do not have family members who could do so.
    It is YOUR PROBLEM OPTUS. Resolve this issue NOW !!!

    Authorities - where are you ???

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  • Ph
      11th of Jul, 2012

    Although the charges come through from Optus, the company does not get any of your money. It all goes directly to the third party (here known as I only know this as I am an employee of another popular phone company and have helped a few of our customers with this same issue. So yes, Optus may give you some of your money back, however it is costing THEM money to do so, and it is a good will gesture on their part. If you want all of your money back you will need to contact waala themselves and get it sorted through them. As it is them that are acutally making money via this scam. Try calling their contact number (1800 178 017 or emailing them - [protected] ). Good luck, hope this helps!!

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  • Vi
      19th of Aug, 2012

    same thing happened to me and TELSTRA didnt do crap, i signed up with TELSTA not waala, niether could even tell me what I had purchased or subsctibed happy to pay it if i know what its for stupid!!!
    ring tone they say ...yeh i have changed my ring tone for yrs, thatnks for yr help

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  • Sh
      8th of May, 2013

    This is a scam for sure I never signed up for Walla they were charging me $50 a week Telstra contacted me when I was unhappy with my last bill and explained to me thus is where the extra charges are coming from. I couldn't believe it as I know I never signed up for this, never saw anything in my phone that I had agreed to this contract. Anyway Telstra
    Waved the bill and compensated me for it and put a block on it. And they gave me the phone no to ring them and they said they will cancel it, something I knew nothiing about it in the first place. people be careful about this scam keep a good watch your bill.

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  • Kl
      5th of Jun, 2014

    I fully agree. We have been recently charged by Waala (A South African company using their usual unscrupulous and aggressive primitive business style) for downloading ring tones we never commissioned and never signed up for. Much similar to Nigerian scams. Suggest to block your mobile for content service.

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  • Ab
      1st of Mar, 2015

    Thanks Telstra.
    i thought you had a professional obligation to protect us form this [censored], but no.
    You just let it happen and facilitate the fee. What a joke

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  • Sy
      2nd of Mar, 2015

    The Walaa mobile thieves have been charging $5 a week to my Vodafone account . Obviously I have never subscribed to such a 'service' . Do they even offer a reputable service ? Disgusting that some company can just start charging you and then put the onus on you to reply STOP to unsubscribe . Also disgusting that the mobile phone companies ( Vodafone in my case) are facilitating these crooks .

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  • Ya
      30th of Jan, 2016

    Never signed up for Waala, got charge $80. I don't know why the regular allows them to continue operating.

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  • Fa
      11th of Aug, 2016

    I am being charged $4.99 a week and never knew it. I have unsubscribed from Waala but I had their number and sms blocked and still got charged.
    I am In australia.

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  • Gu
      1st of Feb, 2017

    @Faithpoet The Mo Fo' tried to get some amount of money out of me 3 times today. I'm in Australia and am on Optus far they havent been able to get 5 cents, so if you're a prepaid Optus customer things look ok at this stage, there are no charges..tho I do need to top up tomorrow, so let's see if they try and take some coin from me tomorrow.. I'll b pissed if they get any $ off me..keep y'all posted ;-)

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  • Us
      28th of Feb, 2017

    @"Gutter bred with worldwide dreams" I in Australia and am on Optus prepaid, i to have been receiving annoying txt's from waala mobile. I have sent txt stop twice to opt out of a subscription i never subscribed to. The service providers need to take action on behalf of their customers to stop this scam from continuing.

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  • Sp
      28th of Feb, 2017

    I received a text advising I was subscribed to their service, immediate stop message sent. $5.99 charge on next account, complained and an ex gratia payment made. I did not accept waala's version of events that I had accepted there app or someone with access to my phone had. Immediately prior to "subscription acceptance" I had been driving for 1 hour 15 minutes in a no service area. Also after complaint correspondence waala's text messaging disappeared from incoming text list, but fortunately I kept a screen shot of details.

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  • Mi
      17th of May, 2017

    @Spydy I've never heard of Waala until receiving a message tonight. I too am Optus.
    I checked it on Google and here I am. Another unhappy soul receiving unsolicited messages.
    Someone has passed on our details.

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  • Ph
      18th of May, 2017

    Yes i am optus prepaid. Just got 5.99 of my credit taken by waalamob! Im so angry i signed up for nothing. !!! Clicked the link and "unsubscribed" but dont know if it will happen again. 😔

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  • Br
      27th of May, 2017

    Happened to me too. Don't try to unsubscribe (they will still charge you $5.99 per week). Call your service provider immediately and get all third party charges blocked on your service by making your allowance on the account $0. Please don't be foolish and not pay your bill as normal, as this reflects badly on you as a customer. Optus will take up a charges dispute on your behalf. The quicker you call them, and the nicer you are to Optus, the better. It is not their fault that a third party has put charges onto an account, so don't blame Optus or the person on the other end of the call. Although, I do wish that ALL TELCOS ask you when signing up to a new plan if you want third party charges on your phone, or if you want to add a limit. I would have said "yes" from Day 1, and would have never had to deal with this crap.

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  • Ka
      23rd of Oct, 2017

    What a scam. Charged $5.99 a week for nothing then $15 for ifortune...
    Didn't sign up and then had asked me to pay to unsubscribe.
    Women rang me back as had technical issues and said I can request a refund.
    Better chance of winning lotter.

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  • Tu
      31st of Oct, 2017

    Waala- what a scam. Can we all please complain to the telecommunications ombudsman. The more complaints the more serious they will take it and do something about it.

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  • Ke
      11th of Dec, 2017

    I received a text on my phone last month on a Sunday, which I immediately tried to ring the number and was not mnanned on the weekend s- rang Monday said stop and I did not subscribe. When I got my bill, there was $5.99 on my phone and 4 payments of $5.99 on my internet hub. Now I ask, how the heck can I subscribe to ringtones on a wifi internet hub with no phone or keyboard access!!! Telstra wavied. It was supposed to be blocked, but is on my account again this month on the internet hub. I still am unable to unsubscribe because it is not a phone... Just waiting on my bill to ring Telstra again to get it cancelled. Tried to do so in advance but they won't do anything till I get my bill. Very annoyed. I should not have to do this each time I get a bill. This company needs to be stopped..

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  • Ja
      25th of Dec, 2017

    Nothing but a scam. Sent me a message last week sent stop to it and still messaged me this week taking another $5.99 from me.

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