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Vodafone / service (adsl) that I paid for but did not get!

1 Pg de Vall d'Hebron, 171Barcelona, Spain
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First of all, we were a happy Vodafone customer for years when we lived in Canet de Mar. We were persuaded to change from Telefonica to Vodafone years before. We were moving to Gelida, on the other side of Barcelona and we went to a Vodafone shop to arrange for a new service to be installed at our new address. The shop (Laitel 32) told us there was no problem with coverage in Gelida and that a transfer of service would take place in six weeks( possibly longer, I do not remember) if we transferred, but suggested that we begin a new contract and the connection would be available in three weeks. The shop clerks were very nice and arranged and verified all of this, signing a contract on December 27, 2014. We gave the company lots of extra time to connect us before we called their three customer service numbers: 123, 22155, and 1444. We actually began calling in early February 2015. The customer service were all very first...and told us that an installer would be with us in five days. Needless to say, no installer appeared. We did receive a router and a smart phone. the router was immediately connected, but the smartphone was neither needed or wanted. It did come in handy when we found the only way of calling customer service was through a Vodafone line. We were paying the Vodafone bills the entire time, they did not stop! After our initial (What we thought were) good results from the customer service operators, we began to become aware that the story was exactly the same result from a list of repeated answers and the actual actions taken from this were exactly the same...nothing. Promises were made again and again and time limits put on the response, but the real response was exactly the same...nothing. Some time in March, we went back to the shop and asked them to verify the contract and addresses, etc. They did this and had confirmation on all of the information. This was the limit of what the shop could possibly do. After a few more weeks giving them a chance to act, we called customer service again. Our reputation must have been flagged as the lines began to be frequently lost and the operators were far less patient and helpful with us. It turns out they were billing us for the use of their phone as well as we were using it (to call customer service) and our contract had not come into force so our "free" mobile service was not in force either. We have (and had) our own mobile phones and did not need or want the brick that we had received from Vodafone and used it only to contact Vodafone customer service. We continued to call Customer services and filed cases: Case: 0001WaADJ92QCDB0-00 - A general complaint covering all Case: 0001WaADJ92Q9KSA-00 - A request for a connection date Case: 0001WaADJ92QCDT9-00 - A request for a reason why our contract was not filled It came as a great surprise that these case numbers seemed to result in no new information or advancing of the case in any way. It was less than useless as the customer service people seemed to get more evasive. At last we had a customer service rep who told us we were not going to get their service because there was no service available on our street! This came after he had told us there was no service in the entire village. I was also told there was NO provider that could connect us! In the middle of March, (having found that the entire street was connected and often with Vodafone!) we went to the public ombudsman from the Barcelona government to (hopefully) get some information on our contract. They were informed, and then informed us, that our old contract had been cancelled on January ninth. Not a word about our new contract or our new bills. Another very interesting element was that they sent photocopies of some of our previous bills from Canet. We had never seen these physical bills ( or any others for years) and, interestingly, they were supposedly sent to an address that did not exist in the village! In case any others have this problem, the address they claimed to send it to was : Atocha 19 - a Street that does not actually exist in Canet de Mar. At this point we felt we had to take action so we approached a lawyer. All we wanted was a phone and internet service that we were promised. The lawyer sent Vodafone a letter. The letter was sent registered and not answered. This covered us to cancel the bank payments to Vodafone. Unfortunately, Vodafone decided they deserved another €90 from us for our cancelling their contract early! We also wanted to reclaim all of the money they had taken from us for no service. We packed up their router and phone and sent them back to Vodafone ( registered) and asked that they return our money paid for no service. They did not answer nor have they done anything for us. The figure is low enough that our lawyer suggested we should not pursue this case as the costs might exceed the results. After some six months of no phone or internet, we spoke to Movistar (Telefonica) and were connected in a few days. The service is just what we wanted and at the same price as Vodafone offered. The Wifi scans shows us that there are any number of Vodafone subscribers nearby. Thus far we have nothing but praise for the Movistar service and look forward to the (soon to come) fibre optic service. Vodafone deserves the publicity for their treatment of us, and so many others. I see there are others who do not receive invoices because it is the habit of Vodafone to pretend to send them to false addresses. At the least, they are indulging in sharp practice. It may be a minor fraud but how many other minor frauds are they committing? We have no complaints about the shop in any way. They were professional and very helpful, but powerless.

Jan 4, 2016

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