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Vodafone New Zealand / Customer Service

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I have recently returned from working in Iraq assisting with some humanitarian aid only to be told that the Voda phone sim card that I have had on contract for years and never missed a payment has been sent to collections for payment that hasn't been received for the last two months, I was away for five and a half months and an automatic payment has been setup, I have been using this for years and it has never failed until now.

Any how I rung collections and asked them what was going on and they said that I owed them $1400 + NZ dollars which by the way hadn't been used for 5 and a half months and apparently I was only two months behind (That is a lot of money for a phone that hasn't been used and only on a get 200 plan which is a max of 150 NZ dollars a month).

I asked if I could have a break out of the charges only to be told no they didn't know however I was to pay the money or go to court inwhich I paid the money and they said that my phone was going to be reactivated in which I am still waiting after three days, I am still waiting for a break out in an invoice which no one from Voda fone can tell me either.

Can someone recommend a public forum albeit "Fair Go" and the processes to get this done as I believe this is disgraceful and want to get the word out that loyalty means nothing to Voda fone NZ, their customer service is one of the worst I have come across.

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  • Rk
      25th of Nov, 2008
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    I have a similar problem.

    It's been going one since June 2007.

    I've had a credit limit applied to my Vodafone account of $60. On return from overseas, I received demands for $550. I've approached Vodafone about this issue and explained that one: I could not have used up $550 worth of calling and SMS messaging; two: I have a $60 credit limit on my account. Their answer was that the credit limit function was no longer available and I am required to pay this amount.

    My first reaction was that I would like a break down of charges. They could not provide me with those. I have then requested to speak with the manager. Manager was not available at the time.

    I have attempted to get a resolution by calling Vodafone NZ call center over the following 3 months without any luck. All this time I was not able to use my cellphone, as they have placed a full bar (can not call, can not receive calls, can not send SMS messages, can not receive SMS messages).

    In the end, I've given up. I have transfered by 021 number onto Telecom NZ network around August.

    After I have transfered my number to Telecom I have logged a complaint with Commerce Commission of NZ. The reply was that they experiencing similar types of issues with Vodafone customers all over NZ.

    In March 2008 I have received a letter from debt collection agency requesting around $600. I have replied to the letter advising them I would like to dispute this amount. Also, Vodafone have not notified me about taking me to a debt collecting agency. I said to the agency that I would be more than happy to hear from someone at Vodafone, as I have not been able to get hold of anyone who can resolve this issue for me for months. The agency understood my situation and agreed to keep things as they are until dispute is resolved.

    There has been no changes in the situation. However, recently I have attempted to take out a personal loan with my bank, but found that my application was declined, as my credit rating was affected by an unpaid debt to Vodafone. Once again, I have not heard from either Vodafone or debt collecting agency that this has taken place.

    I have again emailed debt collecting agency explaining that this amount is in dispute and should have never gone to debt collecting agency in the first place if someone from Vodafone has made ANY attempt to contact me. I've sent this email yesterday so hopefully should receive a reply from them soon.

    In the mean time I can not take a loan that I wanted to use towards my travel in February. The longer I take to pay for the tickets, the more I have to pay. My travel plans were for myself and my little boy and I had to fight in family court to get this time granted to me, as myself and my son's mother are currently battling for custody.

    I don't know where to next.

    Vodafone are horrible company and only care about profit. Their stuff obviously never heard of such thing as customer service. What they portray as customer service is not a nice way of dealing with people. I was not trying to avoid to pay my bills. However I do believe that I got charted for something that I have not used. And the fact that Vodafone have not communicated about their credit limit facility was not functioning, shows what poor business practices they follow.

  • Ka
      2nd of Dec, 2008
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    Vodafone New Zealand - Can't get an answer/service!
    New Zealand

    I am extremely frustrated. I have contacted Vodafone five times. First four times was by phone and someone was supposed to contact me. They still haven't. Two days ago I sent a fax. Still no-ne has contacted me. This has been going on since October 10th and now my phone has been barred. I spend most of my time working in Australia so these calls cost me. I have just tried their online complaint email but it doesn't even work! I fill in each field on the complaint form and it keeps coming up with: 'Topics requires a value' There is no topics field. I even had someone else look at it with me and they think the site is not set up properly.

    The details are as follows:

    On Oct 10th 2008 I called from Australia and requested my phone be put on pre-pay. After discussion with a very helpful lady we agreed this would be the best option for me at the moment with my travelling. The lady told me that would be done and that someone would contact me (not sure if it was in writing or by phone)

    Nov 12th: I was in NZ so called and spoke with Sam. I had received an overdue notice and I said I was not prepared to pay for a months contract fee when I had requested pre-pay. After some discussion Sam said they would have to 'pull my call' to check if that was the case. I said that would be great as it was all straightforward. Sam told me someone would get back to me in about an hour. No-one did.

    Nov 13th: I called again and spoke with another man who said Sam was dealing with it and he emailed Sam to let him know I was still waiting for a call. No-one called.

    Nov 27th: I called again! This time from Australia. I spoke with Khaled who said it was Sam who had to follow through on this and he would let him know. I had received another text saying my phone would be barred. I explained this to Khaled who tried to put me through to another department that would help but could not get through. I felt very frustrated and told Khaled I did not want to hang up until it was sorted. He was very nice but since he could not get anyone to help him, he could not help me. So he promised someone would contact me either that afternoon or the next day. He put a note through to collections to hold the bar.

    Dec 1st: I sent a fax in the hope soemone would contact me. I'm sick of paying for expensive internaitonal phone calls. I also received another text saying my account is overdue and I can't have full service until it is paid. So much for Khaled sending a note to the collections department.

    I am so frustrated I found this site and so here it all is.

    What on earth am I supposed to do to get through to someone?
    Does anyone know how else to get a result from Vodafone NZ? Or if there's a way to get the complaint form to work on their website?

  • Ma
      9th of Dec, 2008
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    Definately sounds like a case for Fair Go or Campbell Live.

  • Lu
      4th of May, 2009
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    A similar thing has happened to me, ive had my account barred as i cant pay my bill because their systems broken and dissallowed my credit card, ive called and emailed them with no results. Now ive got a final notice on the account which is just completely rediculious but theres no way now they are getting paid for a service i havent recieved

  • Kr
      21st of Aug, 2009
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    i totally agree with both of you, that vodafone customer services department has no knowledge how to treat a loyal customer. they speak so rudly and wouldnt even put me through a team leader or supervisor.
    i hope i get an answer really soon, or else i m taking the matter to Telecommunication Dispute Resolution.

  • Ne
      15th of Sep, 2009
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    My itnernet (wireless mobile broadband as they call it, unsure how it can be mobile with this horrible usb vodem) has been down for the past 2 hours. After calling vodafone support I was told by a nice friendly lady located all the way over in the Philippines that although I pay $70 per month for a pitiful 3gb of usage on a considerably slow connectino, I would have to call back between the hours of 8am-8pm to get support as only Police or Ambulance support is offered outside of these hours. Pathetic considering the amount of money I pay, I am not a prepay customer and shell out approx. $300 per month to this greedy and inefficient company.

    I also had an internet issue a few months ago and was greeted by a CSO of Indian descent after about a 20 minute wait. After establishing that not only could I not understand a word that the CSO said, but that he could not understand my issue and provided a solution to a fault that did not exist and not addressing my fault, I requested to speak to a New Zealander. I was told "I am a New Zealander", and I requested to speak to someone whom spoke English for a first language as it was vital that my issue could be clearly understood and that I could understand how to resolve it. I was told "you can only speak to me, you will not be passed over to anyone else and that is final". I terminated the call and called back, hoping to get a new operator. another 20 minutes later I was received by a Kiwi lady, who during the process of resolving my issue (which related to an administrative fault on the part of their accounts team) communicated to me that the wonderful Indian CSO had made a note on my system that I was a rude and abusive customer. Extremely poor support, extremely poor network. I am seriously considering a move to another provider, I just can't justify giving my money to this organisation any longer.

  • Mi
      14th of Oct, 2009
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    Yes I asked a question on Vodafone's forum and they did not like it so they removed the thread.

    They just shut people down when you don't march to their drum.

    Everyone on the vodafone forum are vodafone staff making snipy comments to make vodafone look good and person who asks the question look like a ###.

    For those interested I wanted to connect a brand new phone to receive email. They told me their job ends with the connection, settings are my problem.

    I mentioned that they outsource their customer service center to the lowest bidder so this tells you what their customers mean to them.

    They went mental, about five staff started chiming in and saying it was libel and I should retract my comments.

    Then they said they were pulling the thread.

    What a bunch of up themselves wankers.

    News Flash Jerky, you sell phones! people only what the stupid thing if it works! It's not decoration for the ###in living room.

  • Pe
      24th of Feb, 2010
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    Yes, after many years of reliable account holding with Telecom New Zealand I shifted to Vodafone only as everybody I knew seemed to be with them (baaaaaaaaaa...) ! I only lasted 3 months with Vodafone as there was some form of credit limit put on my account that nobody in their shop had explained when I signed up, and I'd never had with Telecom.

    When I rang up their help line, I think in 2002 it was still in Auckland, the staff member was deliberately rude and unhelpful. I did get a supervisor as I recall who took rather a hard line of arrogance against me. I had no option but to cancel on the spot, they offered no compromise and sorry to say, seemed quite intent on inflaming any really was quite bizarre!

  • Ji
      25th of Mar, 2011
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    Before I had a debit card last year I had broadband with Vodafone, I rang them so many times to ask what I had to put on the form to nzpost as they wouldn't take the form, sometimes they assured me it would work with what they told me, other times they had no idea (vodafone home and broadband it was in the end) I had to take time off work each time and drive 15km and in the end it got sent to baycorp where as I had finally got a debit card just to pay for this, was sorted immediately. also when I had to change my home address the nice indian lady couldn't even understand that and kept on telling me that I get free 5 email i, it was kind of funny but I was glad to never have vodafone in my life again. oh and the second time I went to pay the nz post lines were down but the lady took the slip and my money to sort it when the lines came back and of course it was wrong(from what they told me on the phone 5 minutes before, $200 I lost because of that, never got back :(
    but then I went to telecom, first bill, $156 over the plan, i ring them and they tell me that they have set when I get email alerts to %170, %180 and %190! I asked them why would anybody want their first alert to be when it is $500 over! brick wall. now it normal but sometimes the email comes...sometimes not

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