Virgin Gaming / account blocked

Rochester, United States

hello virgin gaming is a complete scam...whenever you need help you can send 15 emails and still fail to get a single response to them. but when they wanna block
your account they can answer faster than account was also blocked for loopholes on their site and their lack of knowledge my experience with them has been a complete joke and they have a guy named Ben even acting childish in the other end making t even more difficult to deal
with them...I was playing an opponent in overtime about to win my opponent clearly dissconects me and I send a video of evidenceike were supposed to do stating my opponents name and everything at this point on the computer it
still said waiting for match results like VG servers never read
the match so I send them
the video and just go back to the lobby and play the guy in the match again and I lose then 2 days later my account is blocked and I ask them why they said I filed false match results so I presumed to tell him no I was re sending a video in which you failed to even respond to me about ...a guy named of Benjamin does not want to hear it and I tell him him he's so unprofessional and not my fault his 2k servers didn't read the first match...this guy Benjamin has the nerve to email me back saying my suspension has increased to 30 days and if I would like to try to continue to get the win for the match then he would Improve his professionalism while lengthening my's like I'm
literally talking to a smart mouth teenage kid
this site and their employee Benjamin are a complete scam and joke!

Mar 25, 2014

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