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Vip Travel Reservations / Awful place

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Visited and toured time share in williamsburg, va in 2008. Was promised a certificate good for a 2 night stay in a hotel. Had to send $75 to use this certificate. the $75 would be refunded when I used the 2 night stay cert.They make you send a paper of 1st and 2nd choice of places you want to stay in advance of going.Have done it 2 times and each time they say no rooms avail. Am tired of this game .It is just a way to steal peoples money.Also received gas voucher for traveling to Williamsburg. $100 worth. They only ended up honoring 2 of them.Someone should stop all these people.

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  • Ca
      21st of Jul, 2009

    I had the same certificate, and mine said "refundable deposit", request your money back if you don't want to "play the game"... but truly I was able to use my certificate with no problem. I'm in Greenacres, FL and I didn't want to go too far cause of issues at home, so we requested Ft. Lauderdale, and got our 2nd requested date. With our confirmation we received 2 cards one for red lobster or seemingly any of the resteraunts affiliated with, but we used it at red lobster so I'm not sure ;) and a gas rebate card which I gave to my little sister because she loves to sign up for stuff! The hotel was clean and convenient to everything, and our deposit was returned to us as promised. I don't know what to tell you, other than it worked fine for me.

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  • Ad
      22nd of Aug, 2009

    I got the same thing... the gas I got 3 of them fulfilled so far it has been a while, but that wasn't through VIP. VIP sent me to Orlando, FL for my hotel stay gave me a 3rd night free for attending another presentation which I got free lunch at, and also through in 2 tickets to Islands of adventure for forfeiting my $75 deposit, which saved me like a hundred bucks, I'm happy with VIP totally. I am going to look into the gas thing again tho.

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  • Sa
      25th of Aug, 2009

    Did it ever occur to you to call them rather posting yet another anonymous complaint that will never amount anything... or is it that it's probably not all that legitemit.

    I know I requested a stay in Portland, ME; it was fulfilled for my first requested dates 6/6/09, I requested a refund of my deposit 6/17 and received my refund Saturday.

    Everything went like clockwork for me, as I see it has for many, would really like to know the whole story of what you did wrong. But obviously I've only seen one guy brave enough to put all his info out there so it could actually be researched, and when it was the guy got ripped apart because the problem with his certificate was his own stupidity... Good luck whatever you decide, but I find VIP to be a very reputable company.

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  • Mr
      25th of Sep, 2009

    I just sent in my request for a stay, I called and told them I only had 43 days notice but really wanted to be in San Antonio for my sisters wedding, they said send it in. About a week ago they called and confirmed my hotel stay in San Antonio and yesterday I got my confirmation in the mail with a $30 gift card to Olive Garden and a "Good as Gold" Gas thingy that I have to go online to register with a different company for. I looked up the hotel they have me booked at and it's a 3.5 star property with a 4.5 % customer rating with, so that seems fine to me. I couldn't be happier. And regardless we are all looking for something for nothing.

    But none the less, I did get me request only having put down 1 city and 1 date I don't know what to say except maybe request a different city???

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  • Ll
      20th of Oct, 2009

    I didn't find VIP to be an awful place at all. The girls there were very helpful in booking my travel. I do have one complaint in that it was difficult to reach someone on the phone at times, but that too was resolved when the booking agent I had offered her email. Thank you VIP

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  • Gy
      18th of Nov, 2009

    I don't agree with you at all! I didn't get a gas anything so I'm not sure about that, but they got me everything I was promised! I was very happy with my experience from VIP travel! I've been in the service industry for over 20 years and these people get a bad rap cause I'm sure they can't please everyone. But they have a hard job, and seem to me are very good at what they do! I hope to use them again in the near future, economy permitting!

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  • Re
      21st of Dec, 2009

    This was my first time ever working with vip, and I got their certificate from going to a travel club presentation. The presentation was longer than promised, but they gave me the hotel certificate which came with a 2 night stay, a $30 dinner card, and a $100 gas rebate card. When I got my paperwork it came with a list of probably 30 "friendly suggestions" of places to travel, I pick 2 of those and 2 dates, I got my first city and date requested, and my confirmation came with the dinner card and the rebate card. The hotel was nice, not the ritz, but nice and the rates on the door were $129 per night and said it was a 3 1/2 star property, so not bad. The dinner card we used during our stay at Long horn steak house and had no problem with that. And the only thing we paid was the taxes of $15.48 per night. When we got back we had to send our receipt from the hotel to VIP by certified mail. And we did just get our refund a little over 7 weeks later, and they told us it would be 6 - 8 weeks. The gas card was the only problem, it's not actually through VIP they just send it out, it's through a company online, that you have to renew a magazine subscription or take a survey or something and then the gas comes back in $10 increments. Any how, I gave that to my little sister, she loves to sign up for stuff and has time to keep up with it. All in all I had a good experience with VIP travel and would do it again!

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  • Ki
      21st of Jan, 2010

    Victoria, I do apologize if you had a bad experience, however, I am unable to look up your file with simply your first name in the United States. We would be happy to work with you but would need more information on your file.

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  • Cl
      29th of Apr, 2010

    I have or had three certificates with vip: air tickets, car rental, and 2 night motel. I feel I've gotten more than my time and monies worth so I'd go ahead and put something credible about these people. So far they coordinated our car and the motel stay for the same time this spring, getting us 3 more nights in the motel at a reasonable rate and upgrading our car to a standard size cheaper than I could have myself. My air I didn't request till August and wont hear for a bit yet, but feel they have already done a lot for me.

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  • Ca
      30th of Apr, 2010

    I didn't find VIP travel to be an awful place at all. Now I must admit I was very skeptical about the "free" offer from VIP, but after giving it a try they exceeded my expectations. They got me booked in the area I was looking for for my daughters graduation and got me the car rental at the same time to get there. From my deposits I was due back a refund of $34 which we received last week as promised. So all in all I have nothing bad to say. Thanks VIP

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  • Ki
      26th of Aug, 2010

    Ms. Ferguson and catywht: thank you so much for your nice comments. I am glad your travel was a success, and a little late, but catywht congratulations on your daughter's graduation.

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  • Sa
      22nd of Dec, 2010

    I didn't find VIP to be an awful place, and my deposit wasn't $75, but $50 each, I have 2, well had, what they call enjoy certificates. They were both good for a 2 night hotel stay. I got to use both of them in the past few months, 1 in Las Vegas and actually got a third night free, and the other I used a week or so ago in Gatlinburg to see the season change, it was so pretty. All I had to pay were my hotel taxes at the property. The first one I got my $50 deposit back about 9 weeks after we traveled and I just sent in my receipt from the hotel on the second one. If I get the chance to use VIP again I will.

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  • Ba
      5th of Jan, 2011

    I had the World Class Retreat promo, which included 2 nights hotel, a dinner card and a gas rebate certificate. I stayed at the Crown Plaza in New Orleans, it was a great hotel in a great locating right on Bourbon St. we had a Blast, I love this town, its a great place to live and visit!!! We got the dinner card and gas thing with our confirmation the dinner card we used at Olive Garden and it was just like a dinner card you would get as a gift, and the gas rebate is just that, it is through a different company though that is not VIP somebody promotions or something, I sent it in and I've gotten 2 rebates for $20 so far. some ups and downs but all in all a good experience.

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  • Wi
      25th of Jan, 2011

    My certificates required 3 choices on one and 2 on the other on one I got my first choice and the other I got my second. We had one for a car for 7 days and one for air line tickets for 2 adults. I've used the car last month and my air is officially booked for March. I'm pretty happy with all of it, all I can say, is ya, follow the rules, they can be kinda hard to get a hold of, and you'll get further if ya just call back rather then leave a message. Those are my tips to anyone having trouble cause both my certificates did work out for me.

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  • Ck
      27th of Jan, 2011

    Mine wasn't for a hotel stay, but it didn't seem like an awful place, so far I've receive everything as promised. I had 2 certificates 1 for air line tickets and the other for a 7 day cruise. I opted to use them separately. My tickets are booked for the end of March to Indianapolis and cost me all taxes and fees right at 1/3 of what I'm used to. My cruise I requested for September out of my local port, Port Canaveral. I'm a local and got my certificate from PDI and so far most everything has seemed very reasonable and has worked good.

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