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We were sent a post card indicating a 2 free airline tickets and a one week free car rental for attending a no obligation 90 minute sales presentation. We attended and opted not to buy into their vacation club. We were given forms with details to obtain our free airline tickets and car rental. We mailed in the forms, only to get more forms and 14 rules and regulations. They both required prepayments of $100 and $75 to be eligible. Because I put down an incorrect date on the airline certificate, they said it voided our free airline tickets and refunded our $100. The car rental never responded and has kept our $75 past the expiration of the contract. I have sent certified mail requesting a refund, called and left several voice mails and never received a single response. BEWARE!!!


  • Sa
    sauger Jun 16, 2011

    I just finally got my call through to VIP as my reservation call to me was over due. My requested cruise out of Seattle is no longer a port they use. And I would now have to request another cruise 90 days in advance out of a different port. I don't have another time 90 days away before my time expires. They WIN. And I actually bought the promoted travel membership, stupid me.

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  • Ck
    CKoontzi Jan 27, 2011

    I disagree of it being a scam or fraud, I had 2 certificates 1 for air line tickets and the other for a 7 day cruise. I opted to use them separately. My tickets are booked for the end of March to Indianapolis and cost me all taxes and fees right at 1/3 of what I'm used to. My cruise I requested for September out of my local port, Port Canaveral. I'm a local and got my certificate from PDI and so far most everything has seemed very reasonable and has worked good.

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  • Wi
    WINKING RENE Jan 25, 2011

    Those are the certificates I had, one for a car for 7 days and one for air line tickets for 2 adults. I've used the car last month and my air is officially booked for March. I'm pretty happy with all of it, all I can say, is ya, follow the rules, they can be kinda hard to get a hold of, and you'll get further if ya just call back rather then leave a message. Those are my tips to anyone having trouble cause both my certificates did work out for me.

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  • Ty
    tyler Mac Jan 20, 2011

    We got a similar post card but mine was offering a certificate for a 3, 4, or 5 night cruise during low season. The sales pitch thingy was bogus but they did give us the certificate as promised. We ended up not being able to use it because my wife had to have surgery. But the reservation process seemed fairly cut and dry, mail certified the registration form with a $99 deposit, request dates, be told what the availability is, and in my case have to decline and request a refund :( But yes I did receive my refund. All is good, I just hope we get to utilize the certificate next time if given the chance!

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  • Bl
    BLOE1 Jan 11, 2011

    I didn't find it to be a scam or fraud, and furthermore it didn't seem to be a case of right or "wrong" date, if it's available great if not you try again, the lady even specifically told me if it wasn't available I could pick again or request a refund, not that it would be automatically refunded. Something your saying doesn't add up, in fact you sound a lot like my kids arguing. LOL I had the two airline tickets, I didn't get the car rental the company offered because I guess that was only if you responded in a specified amount of time. oh well, I sent my stuff in, they sent me 3 green sheets, one was the travel request form, I filled it out and sent it back. It asked for two dates and destinations, but I really only wanted one but i called and they said this was okay but it would be based on availability. Alexia called me yesterday and offered it to me, it cost me $166 and I got exactly what we needed. I called today just to be sure and it is all booked. Just waiting on my confirmation and the $75 gift card that came with it now.

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  • Ge
    gergesj Jan 04, 2011

    I got a post card too and it was more like a 3 hour presentation for us that we weren't at all interested in, but it worked out. I had their Fly USA certificate as well as a 7 day car rental and it cost us $131 for the air and $59 for the car. We also paid an additional $23 to upgrade our car rental. It all seemed to work very well for us for our trip to Portland to see our grand kids.

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  • Lo
    LollyQ Dec 21, 2010

    I did not get my certificate through a presentation and my certificate was just for the 2 airline tickets but did not include a car rental. We got back from our trip last night. My only complaint is that the notice they gave me of my trip being available was inside a month from the dates we wanted. But who am I to complain, they came through even if I was getting a little nervous! They also booked a car for me while I was there and a hotel stay for the three nights I couldn't stay with my sister, both at a reasonable rate. I will use VIP again in the future.

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  • Ki
    Kim at VIP Dec 20, 2010

    I'm seeing a lot of similar comments to many of the posts on here, and really appreciate all the kind words! If you need any help with your future travel plans please let us know.
    As for Mike the originator of this post, what you are saying does not make sence but you gave no information to actually research your file, $100 and $75 are familiar amounts but are due with your activation forms, once you've sent those in with the forms per the terms and conditions we send you back your welcome package, 3 pages, yes, but the terms are simply a restatement of what you have already signed agreeing to. Furthermore, we don't void anyone due to dates they write down, once you have sent in the activation form with the deposit and it is accepted and you receive the welcome package, the ONLY way to receive a refund of your deposit is to request it, if there was something wrong with your date we would have simply sent you a new request form stating why and requesting new dates not voided it. So something was apparently misunderstood somewhere.

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  • Cl
    CLFergusen Apr 29, 2010

    Yet another who blames VIP for their own mistake. I don't understand how this stuff spews so easily from your mouths. The majority of you are complaining because YOU didn't follow the rules, certified mail, the form wasn't filled in, requested a holiday... I'm wondering how any of you got thru school as I know none of my teachers let me just not follow the rules and get away with it... but bottom line the person initiating this and the majority of complaints I've read should have been spanked more as children.

    I on the other hand have or had three certificates with vip: air tickets, car rental, and 2 night motel. I feel I've gotten more than my time and monies worth so I'd go ahead and put something credible about these people. So far they coordinated our car and the motel stay for the same time this spring, getting us 3 more nights in the motel at a reasonable rate and upgrading our car to a standard size cheaper than I could have myself. My air I didn't request till August and wont hear for a bit yet, but feel they have already done a lot for me.

    I however, unlike most of you, REALLY DID follow the instructions.

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  • Ch
    christicoussa Dec 23, 2009

    Happy Holidays! I don't understand what you mean by you put a wrong date down. My date on my activation form was already filled out for me, I just had to get it post marked to VIP with in 21 days of that date. I had a certificate with VIP, but my presentation was with a company up here. I had the certificate for 2 airline tickets, which I used to go to Salt Lake City at the beginning of the month, and I got a 7 day car rental which I used last month in Florida. The people at VIP were very helpful and efficient and I will be using them again in the future. Both of my certificates did say that they had to be sent certified mail though, which I did with my deposits, and then just had to send in the dates I wanted, it worked great for me.

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  • Ja
    jamiiolson Nov 03, 2009

    I just received my confirmation for both my air travel to Minneapolis and my car rental, which I'm only using for 6 days. I'm super excited, and very happy that VIP Travel was able to come through for us!!

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  • Bu
    bumbargerj Oct 29, 2009

    I was VERY pleased with my experience with VIP Travel and would love the chance to use their services again. Even once they told me my travel was booked I was still a little skeptical, but now that I've completed travel I have complete faith in their business practices! They are offering quite a service!

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  • Mr
    mrrpieper Sep 25, 2009

    VIP Travel was good to me, so I wanted to take the time to ask why do people always need someone to blame. And in finding someone, why can't people make sure they are placing the blame in the correct place.

    If I'd have listened to some of the awful things written about this company and not given them a chance it would have been to my GREAT misfortune.

    Give them a chance people! I don't feel you will be disappointed.

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  • Sa
    SandyCee Aug 25, 2009

    I just looked back up at your original post and did forget to mention one thing... My very first air fare certificate was the first certificate like this i had ever received... the sponsor information nor the date was not filled in and I didn't no any better so I sent it in.

    VIP travel of course sent it back to me void as it was the sponsors responsibility to fill that in, not mine, and not theirs but told me I could try to go back to the sponsor...

    I did go back to them which at the time I believe was dream works vacations and told them what happened and they gladly provided me with a new certificate, filled out properly, which VIP ended up fulfilling.

    My point is what's written there has to match what the people who give it to you report, therefore they HAVE to fill it out... you filling it out is the same as fraud... that's where taking responsibility for your own actions comes in, i very seriously doubt anyone at VIP said sure just fill in what you want, no problem!

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  • Sa
    SandyCee Aug 25, 2009

    0 mins ago by SandyCee 0 Votes

    I would use VIP travel in place of all of you that are complainings place! I have used them now 3 years in a row totalling 7 certificates, all from different venues...

    The only certificate I have EVER had a problem with them was at the hard rock hotel and that was because the hotel I wanted to stay at was not excepting reservations at all when I wanted to stay, which I confirmed with the hotel as well... I promptly received my "refundable deposit" as promised on that one.

    The other certificates I have had with them have been for (in order since beginning): 2 air line tickets (traveled), hard rock 2 night hotel stay(refunded), marriott 2 night (traveled), 2 airline tickets (traveled), 7 night car rental (cordinated with air), marriott 2 night stay (traveled), and finally ritz carlton 2 night stay (just confirmed).

    And I decided that after 3 years of consistant travel all at a fraction of the cost it was time to say thank you... I have received this companies certificates from 4 different companies presentations and 1 car dealership. And it baffles me that this company has virtually nothing to do with the companies representing, don't make any money off of them except for a $35 processing fee per reservation, yet they've been in business for 10 + years... The girls at this company amaze me, they are all so eager to help and good at their jobs and really deserve a pat on the back.

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  • Ad
    Adams a travler Aug 22, 2009

    I recieved a Happy Birthday invitation inviting me to a time share presentation and i'd get 2 free airline tickets, and if I called with in 72 hours they'd throw in a free 7 day car rental all courtesy of VIP Travel. So I went, and I got, and after reading everything posted on line I found that while there may be quite a few hoops to jump through and a lot of rules to follow it seems to work for those who play the game. So I decided, well I'll bite, and I sent them in.

    And low and behold I just returned from a 10 days in Texas with my sister (only 7 nights of the rental car on them) but none the less - IT DOES WORK!

    All I can tell you is read everything, follow the rules, and you may be quite happily surprised, I was.

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  • Co
    cotner1229 Jul 23, 2009

    I traveled with VIP and had a very nice experience. I've also since received my refund of my deposit and would just like to thank everyone at VIP's office for their help in making our vacation a reality this summer.

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  • Jo
    john.l.connors Jul 21, 2009

    I recieved an invite through a company in Parsippany, NJ it was a Happy Birthday thingy inviting me to a presentation also with the promise of these gifts. I did not choose to take advantage of the travel club they were offering, but they still gave me the gifts, a 7 day car rental, and 2 airline tickets. I used the two of them simultaniously and it turned out to be a very nice offer and gave me the opportunity for a much needed get away. I called to thank them and inquire on how to receive my refund from my deposit for my car rental. today 8 weeks and 4 days later I received my refund, I am very satisfied with vip and hope I get the chance to use them again.

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  • We
    WendyLiu Jun 20, 2009

    I received the "vacation Invitation", thought they offer "free" two roundtrip tickets" and 7-days car rental! Called and attended the "Sales Meeting", got back two of Activation Form asked me sent $100.00 money order to VIP Travel Reservations. After careful reading all the papers, I realized that they KNEW how to play the game.
    #1, they did not write down "FREE" on any of their paper
    #2, they did not disclose the details by phone before we go
    PS: I did ask for seeing the "gifts" be4 their sales presentation, but Bob-Salesman said he will make sure I will "receive" those gifts before I walked away

    #3, they only tell us we will receive "GIFTS", not mention we need to pay.

    So... I laughed all the way home and take this a free lesson, ...
    Will I buy their "Vacation Plan" ??? NEVER, how can you trust those who play tricks..

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