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First of all, their biggest disadvantage is spelling mistakes. Here's an original spelling from their website: "our team of professional traders have more then 100 years of experience combined". Another one: "never been easier to suceed then now".
One more: "many sucessfull entrepeneurs". Maybe there are more, it's just the first I saw and not sure, I want to spend time looking for more stupid mistakes.
Still want to deal with them? These guys don't even use special tools and services that would help them correct their stupid texts. This is some nonsense! Many funds that have nothing to show, have no successful examples and nothing at all, use this trick to look much better. But I can tell them what it looks like: lame, ridiculous and awful.
Hey, guys from VIP CryptoCurrency Hedge Fund, do you know the words I just said?
Oh and this promising statement like "Vip Cryptocurrency Hedge Fund has been involved for over 25 years in managing fortunes and increasing capital for all over the world."
Oh really? Maybe you will give us several examples? 25 years? Really?

Ugh guys, it's a scam. Every word is a lie, each sentence is nonsense. You better stay away.

Jan 28, 2019

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      May 09, 2019

    VIP Cryptocurrency Hedge fund has now gone, packed up over night and run away with everyone's money.

    Vote now for Paulo Santos Fraudstar #1.

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      May 15, 2019

    I should also listened to the warnings Mr Jeffrey above said about Vip Cryptocurrency Hedge Fund, then i wouldn't be in the position I'm in where Paulo Santos has ran off with over $40, 000 of our funds.

    Shame on you Paulo Santos

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