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I bought and paid in full cash - for this 1 week ownership at Villa Del Palmar in 2009. They were ok until 2011. Since then nothing but the worst service I've ever experienced in my life.
`1. My best friends wedding was in Cabo 10/12. Villa mistakenly booked me at Puerto Vallarta and wouldn't correct.
A. The "sales" team at Villa Del Palmar call me a week before to book excursions. The message they left mentioned Puerto Vallarta. Hmmm... why did it say Puerto Vallarta? I innocently called, to verify that the message was a mistake and they meant Cabo,
B. Oh no. They booked me in P.V. I am in the wedding. Its one week out. I was calm -hey, this is an error. please correct.
C. Oh no. It is the customers error. They have reserved a room for me in P.V. and that is all they can do.
D. I ask for a supervisor. The supervisor was colder and ruder than the first line customer dis-service rep I already talked to.
2. I beg the supervisor to pull the "audio tape" of my reservation conversation. She says she can't do that. I beg her to have compassion - that my best friend is getting married in Cabo, my plane tickets are to Cabo, can we find a room in Cabo? she has zero compassion or finesse. She says, they've done their job by reserving a room in P.V.
3. I am a red season, holiday week (floating week) owner. - I have 2 weeks banked. nothing matters. they are right, I am wrong.
A. The manager refuses to pull the audio tape.
B. The manager refuses to find a week at a different hotel/resort.
4. We end up at a local Cabo hotel, calling the supervisor daily to get into Villa Del Palmar Cabo during the week of my BF's wedding.
A. Finally - the supervisor, after 2 weeks - final says she heard the audio tape. Everything changes. Now, Oh my God. Our audio tape will be the basis of her training with her reps. As the Villa Del Palmar rep did everything wrong. What did he do?
1. He never verified the email. The email address he had was wrong. Only had half the info. So I never received any confirmation emails or any emails regarding my reservation. ***** In the past, I consistently received emails from Villa Del Palmar - so it never occurred to me the rep would not have the correct email address.
2. The rep never "confirmed" the reservation. Never confirmed the local, email..etc. I blindly figured, that since I had had successful reservations with them in the past that this was a no-brainer.
3. The supervisor " miraculously" now... has a room available for us, after realizing that her reps made the error not the consumer.
A. She has a studio room available, she can not get us a regular room anywhere (in all of Cabo, really?)
4. We check-in at Villa Del Palmar in Cabo. They literally give us the WORST ROOM in the resort. It was on the 2nd floor directly above the check-in/bell hop entrance. So for 24/7 we heard every check-in/out - the bell hops talking all-night long. The constant noise never stopped.
A., As owners - who "booked" months in advance- we got a parking lot view, and the WORST-ROOM in the resort.
B, Villa Del Palmar - refused to credit me- my calls, my time, (really glad I provided a learning exercise for representatives for Villa Del Palmar)... they finally booked me into the WORST ROOM in the resort -only after hearing my AUDIO-of my call to book my reservation.
5 The mistake, was totally forgivable. How they disrespected me and made me wrong from day one - was not acceptable.
A. How they stressed my husband and I out for 2 weeks and my BFF the Bride - will never be forgiven
B. How when they volunteered their error - (wrong email address, booked us at wrong part of Mexico) - they still wouldn't give us a day or two free -or comp my cell calls from Mexico to Villa Del Palmar to find a room - is inexcusable.

6. Insult to injury? Where do I start?
A. Making the customer wrong, from the 1st second.
B. When confirming they are wrong, based on their own empirical data ( audio ) = they still book us in the worst room in the resort. Not middle of the road? Not best ?
C. Numerous people we met at the pool, shared that they impulse bought on -= a day or two before and got an ocean front suite. Where we got parking lot, 24/7 check-in/out ??? Hm... this is how you treat OWNERS? ?

7. The insults continue...from this embarrassment of a company... that may need to be an entirely different posting.


May 08, 2013
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  • Ch
      May 18, 2013

    I wish I have read this site before I purchase the timeshare. You are right the customer is always wrong even if the opposite is proved.
    I was told I could book anywhere, when I confronted the resort representative, this is the response I got "So you thought that the Villa Group owned resorts in Paris and Hawaii? "

    Villa del Palmar will never, keep their promises.

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  • Ch
      Jun 07, 2013

    Mark Baker [protected] and Sergio Calderon [protected] are just liars they promised me they will cancel my contract but are unwilling to provide documentation.

    It looks like the only thing they do well is lie. PLEASE DO NOT BUY THIS GUYS ARE SCAMMERS

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  • Ch
      Jun 19, 2013

    My problems with Villa del Palmar have been resolved.

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  • Pa
      May 05, 2014

    All that I have to say is that I do not suggest people to buy a membership at villa del palmar cancun, the membership to my opinion is worthless, it has no economical or practical value.

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