Viagogounethical behaviour

I logged on to Hove Cricket Club to buy 5 tickets for Rod Stewart in July 2019, I didn't realise I had gone into viagogo as I haven't done this before. I bought 5 tickets at £130 each. I was later told this amount was double the ticket price. I immediately contacted Viagogo and tried to cancel the tickets, they said I couldn't the only thing I could do would be to resell. I listed for resell at £130.00 each and Viagogo sold them at £103.00 each. I have been in contact with customer services which is so frustrating and finally spoke to someone last night, she advised that there was absolutely nothing I could do except cancel the sale which would incur a charge though she didn't know what the charge would be and said I would incur more costs as they needed to find more tickets at my price for the customer. I have nothing in writing about how much they are going to first sell my tickets for and now how much it will cost me to cancel the sale. This is absolutely outrageous.

Nov 29, 2018

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