Viagogotickets not received due to unreadable address

I have purchased Bruno Mars concert tickets for May 12 (in 2 days). My order id is 8758774.

I hadn't received the tickets 5 days before the concert, so I enquired and thanks to the tracking from the Swiss Post office, it shows that they tried to deliver the ticket but it was returned to the sender. The official message from the post office says that 'the recipient wasn't found at the address'. Since I provided my company address, I know that there is a reception 8h a day, so something isn't right. I called the post office and they confirmed verbally that the address wasn't readable due to bad handwriting. All this sending and return has happened few months ago. Yet I haven't received any email or phone call from Viagogo to let me know that there was a problem delivering the tickets.

I contact Viagogo last Monday, and since they don't have any phone number to reach, I could only submit an online request. It took 48h to response to my request (the concert was then 3 days later). They request a written proof from the post office showing it was because of the unreadable address that they couldn't deliver.
Soooooo I call back the post office who kindly provides a picture of the address that is unreadable, unfortunately the official reason reads 'couldn't find recipient at the address'. This is all they could do for me. The post office tells me that Viagogo needs to call them directly at this point so they can confirm to them that its due to the unreadable address.
I inform Viagogo of all this information. Their reply is 'we need a written proof from the Post office that this is due to the unreadable address they couldn't deliver'. We are 48h away from the concert, and these tickets cost a lot of money.
Viagogo has the tickets as they were returned to them. Yet, they refused to tell me when I can get them. I suspect that they have already re-sold them, and they are just trying to save time by asking for an impossible paper 2 days before the concert.
The issue is between Viagogo and the post office and I am the one running around between the two. This is just ridiculous.
I will not let this go.

May 10, 2017

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