Viagogo / money taken out of my account and I dont know why? tickets not received. tickets not resold when requested.

Rockland, Massachusetts or Sweden How would I know ?, Australia
Contact information:

Bliss n eso -6 tickets, wed, 28 june 2017 19:00
The enmore theatre, sydney, nsw, australia
Section: dance floor
Order placed-14/04/2017
Order id-[protected] total price-a$710.09
I purchased these tickets for my sons to attend a concert in sydney which is 1000 km away as we thought we were going to visit their grandparents. Trip to sydney changed and I had other commitments and was going away and saw that I could resell the tickets. Listing id: [protected] listing created: 04/06/2017 and the next day I was notified that the tickets could sell and I sold them for about$550.00 (Can’t remember exact amount as I can’t access my sales anymore). I sold them at a loss but was happy to help someone else go to the concert, I noticed viagogo got some money there for a fee even though it was stated that no fee would occur. I live in a remote area in australia and we only get our mail 2 days a week. I thought it best to change to the delivery address to rodney magazinovic unit 9 fifteen francis street east sa n adelaide 5006 australia. This was the address of the buyer that you gave and in your questions and answers it stated that I could change delivery address. I received an email on 7th june asking to send tickets to the buyer within the next week. I emailed back and said I haven’t received tickets yet. I received an email on the 11th june reminding me to ship tickets within next 72hrs. I emailed back and stated that I have not received tickets. I received an email on 14th june why I haven’t ship tickets and failure ship the tickets may result in cancel of sale and replace the tickets for the buyer, which may occur a fee. The only answer I could give was that I hadn’t received tickets yet. Never once could I track order. I had changed the delivery address so that they would go to the buyer, so I assume he had them already. I kept trying to tell you with my numerous attempts to get customer support and I had no result. On the 14th june I received another email asking if I was travelling to concert and to be assured we are tracking the status of the order and that I receive the tickets in time for the event. So I assumed you cancelled my sale, but you didn’t notify me of this. I contacted viagogo 16th june, very distressed 5 times; they respond that they will get back to me soon, never did. I tried all questions to try to contact you. I pressed report problem, (This was a mistake), and straight away my sales information was gone I had no access and I was blocked from contact. So it looked to me that I still own the tickets and richard in adelaide has them, but where are they, I asked them to send to adelaide, did you send them to him and if so why am I been asked to send them there. On the 19th june $263.00 has been taken out of my bank account why. I emailed 21st june asking why I haven’t received tickets. I try to contact and only get a thank you and we will respond soon. I have had no response to my problem. I have a mental illness which has me thinking nothing but this problem, day and night, this problem has affected my work, sleep and stress levels, i'm crying now. You may notice by the manic way I have tried to contact to resolve the problem. I’m in debt and can’t afford this. Do I still own the tickets and if so, where are they and why do you not allow me to sell them to someone else who can go. I can’t do anything now.
I want the $550 promised when I resold them and I definitely want the $263.00 that has been taken out of my account without consent. I will contact my bank about this today. You cannot penalise me for your bad service. I never received any tickets and I changed delivery address to the buyer as you stated that I could, so it makes sense that I didn't receive them. Simple. Give me back my money and I promise you I will never deal with viagogo again.
Lynne hetherington

Jun 20, 2017

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