Viagogoloss of tickets

I have sent you many emails concerning my tickets for Take That on the 18th of May.UPS are saying they have delivered them. No one was here at the time or date of so called delivery they have sent me details of the delivery and copy of signiture which is most definitely not mine !!! UPS say it is up to you to investigate this matter and all you have done is tracked it and come back with the same information ridiculous! I have told UPS the driver that day should be investigated as to me it is plainly obviously he/she is lying I do believe it is a female driver as I know a female driver normally does our area. As I have asked many times why can you not send me duplicate tickets as you well know I have paid for and have proof of purchase. This may not be a serious matter to yourselves but to pay £355.09 for tickets is a lot of money. I am so disappointed in you and UPS for having such lack of interest in dealing with this issue.

  • Updated by Zabu · May 09, 2017

    I have purchased Take That tickets for the 18th May at Manchester Arena. These tickets cost £355.09. They were supposedly delivered on the 13th April at 11.47a.m the delivery company UPS say I answered the door told them my surname and signed for them this is impossible as I or no one else was at home at that time we were out at work which I can prove. UPS have sent me a copy of the signature which is most certainly not mine. I have asked for duplicate tickets or a refund but my emails are being ignored. It seems to me that the driver is to blame but UPS are saying Viagogo should be investigating the issue but nothing is happening.

May 08, 2017

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