Viagogo / extortionate booking costs

Purchased tickets for ATP World Tour Finals on 18th November 2017 (semi-finals afternoon and evening sessions) - 2 seats for afternoon session; 2 seats for evening session. The tickets were £140.50 each (x2) and £125.00 each (x2) respectively.
I have been charged £1, 008.95 and £829.59 for each booking, totalling £1, 838.54.
Since the flat rate for the tickets were £281.00 + 250.00 = £531 I would like to know how much the booking fee, VAT, etc has been added.
This is nothing short of extortion.
Date purchased: 13 September 2017
Order ID(s): [protected] & [protected]

J P Addison

Nov 14, 2017

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