Vesat Management Consultantsfraud and fake recruitment firm

Its a fraud company. Mr. satheesan is a cheap person asking ladies to wear western dress to impress the clients and touching here and there. he show off that he is very rich but this ### has no money i guess he is running a ESCORT service in the name of Consultancy. i have lots of proofs why employees dont work more than a month here. I am also one of them he behaved very bad with me asked me to meet clients after 9 pm when i refused within two days his PA called me and said that i m not performing and asked me tol leave and still not given my salary he never gives salary to employees.

Please be careful dont allow him to come in pune as here people are passionate abt work Mr. satheesan is abnormal person please please be careful of him i have already logged a complaint on him. as he is fake says all lies and ask people to JOIN give them good designation and try to trap them.

Thanks and regards,
A lady Employee suffered in Vesat.

May 05, 2017

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