[Resolved] vehicle registration renewal in texas

I received a "last attempt" notice that my personal vehicle registration would expire at the end of this month (OCTOBER). I had my official TEXAS renewal notice on my desk and knew it would expire at the end of November. I went to their web site a saw that they were going to charge me a extra $16.75 to use their service. At first I thought that the State had outsourced the online renewal. Having to pay that extra service fee convinced me that I would drive to the county office and renew in person. But first...
I checked my State Renewal Noticed and decided to recheck the state website. Sure enough, I saw that the State website would charge $16.75 LESS than this BOGUS SCAM OUTFIT. Well of course I renewed at the official State website.
The company will say that all that extra charge is explained on their website, but they are also proud of their "ONE CLICK" and "ERROR FREE not" system. They don't even know my correct expiration date.

  • Resolution statement Texas issued me a refund based on my complaint. Happy Camper

  • Customer Care's Response, Oct 27, 2017

    Thank you for sharing your concerns. Please note that we are a legitimate third-party renewal agency. As stated in bold, prominent places throughout our site, you may either renew directly through your state's DMV portal, or you may appoint us as your agent to renew your registration on your behalf for an additional fee that covers several benefits exclusive to our site, including Night/Weekend Support, Ticket Protection, enrollment in our One-Click Renewal Program, and more. We present both options to our site's visitors so they can choose for themselves. Furthermore, before we accept any funds from anyone, we require that each user check a box consenting to our terms and the fact that we are a third-party agency that charges a fee. It is not possible to renew on our site without checking that box and signing your name, explicitly authorizing us -- as a third party -- to process your renewal. Our service is not a "bogus scam" -- we offer real, tangible benefits, and we do not misrepresent ourselves.

    If you received a notice from us, it's because you'd previously renewed a vehicle through our third-party system. We apologize if that notice contained incorrect information, and we'd like to make it up to you. Shoot us an email with the plate number this is regarding so we can make sure this is resolved: [protected] We have a Satisfaction Guarantee, so we'll be happy to credit you back for your previous transaction and/or remove you from our system moving forward. However, we first need you to contact us so we can locate you in our system.

    We look forward to your email and resolving this matter for you to your complete satisfaction.

Oct 23, 2017

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