Vallarta Gardens Beach Club Spa / membership for explore your world scam

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
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When you are tempted to visit a timeshare beware and stay clear of Vallarta Gardens Resort and Spa. They will offer you the world to sell you a time share and when you don't buy they really tempt you with a pitch that is too good to be true that it makes buying an actual time share a waste of money in comparison. As you exit Vallarta Gardens they give you one more pitch to pull you back in and get your money. They offer you a membership in a vacation club that has a price that is so much lower than an actual time share your eager to hear more. The pitch is you buy weeks for a flat rate (example $3500.00 for 200 wks) and those weeks have a value of $350-799.00 USD each and the money can be used through the membership company Explore your World for hotels, air fare, cruises, car rentals, ect. The catch is the weeks have to be sold through a marketing agent Timeshare Property Services of Atlanta but you are told that it only takes 60 to 90 days for them to sell the weeks in groups of 5. Your membership is for 30 years and they are even going to wave the $99 USD per year fee. All sounds good so far right! We thought so back on 12/28/2012 when we paid $3500 USD for 200 weeks and a membership in Explore Your World. Since then it has been nothing but empty promises and shifted blame from everyone involved and we are out the $3500 dollars and no one will reply or take a phone call now. This is what you can look forward to dealing with this less than honorable group. We sent two groups of 5 to Timeshare Property Services of Atlanta and waited and waited after 6 months they had sold 4 weeks from each of the packets of 5 and could not take one week from one to put with other to complete it. Seems like their computer system would not allow that... After about a year of arguing and trying to get some action from Timeshare Property Services and getting no assistance from Explore your World I was informed from explore Your World they transferred my account to a new marketing company Best Holiday Club Marketing. And it seems that the 8 weeks that were sold with Timeshare Property Services were just lost no one knows where they went so I was starting back at 0 and the two packets had been combined in to one group of 10 now. Best Holiday Club was the same as Timeshare Property Services for the first year always an excuse for weeks almost selling but the sale falling thru at the last minute. When things finally got down to only 2 weeks left I was on the phone constantly with Jake Cooper of Best Holiday Club and then one day he told me all 10 were sold and the paper work should be done in a couple of weeks. In a couple of weeks, I was told the money was tied up in accounting an nothing he could do. For 2 months the money remained tied up in accounting. I asked to talk to accounting but they don't have a phone I was told. I kept calling and then one day Jake Cooper told me to stop calling. After that he no longer takes my calls that I have been making still for the past 4 months. I informed Explore your World shortly after I heard the 10 weeks were sold and since that time they have not taken my calls or replied to any of my emails either. I contacted the BBB and filed a complaint and Explore Your World response was they were not at fault for my money it was Vallarta Gardens Resort who is responsible for it, passing the blame again We even tried to find Explore Your World in Miami at their physical address and the address did not exist that they gave us. No one in the building heard of them. So in your travels keep these 4 companies in mind and do your own research on line and with the BBB Vallarta Gardens Resort Explore Your World Best Holiday Club Timeshare Property Services of Atlanta

Jan 14, 2016

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