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Dear All,
I advise all of you to be aware of fraudulent and poor customer service. First of all, I ordered a raw silk Kurta-pyjama and it was supposed to be shipped in 10 days but it took 1 month. Fine, i was not in a rush and so i don't care. However, I expected to receive what i ordered. To my dismay, i received a dress that did not look like a new dress. The most important thing was that the dress label was cutoff (perhaps to conceal the type of material used) with a scissor (see the attache picture). The buttons are done in a very shoddy way. I emailed them the pictures and they did not bother to explain or apologize. They did not even respond to my email. I have a strong feeling that these guys (like many businesses from india) do not care about the customer service. As many people wrote here in the complain board, all they do is take our money1 month in advance and the try to sell what they have rather that what we want. A bunch of thieves and I cannot believe that there are able to get away with their fraudulent business activities. I am looking at the possibility of complaining about them to the govt agencies.
So people be aware of this website and think twice before you buy something from them.

Utsav Sarees

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  • Mi
      Jun 15, 2010

    Being that these businesses are over-seas and not even American-ran / owned / operated. Unfortunately, there is nothing that can be done, because the Indian officials wont care, it would be 'A problem for the Americans to deal with'. I would just say don't buy from them anymore, it's the best you can do...

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  • Pr
      Jun 23, 2010

    Finally i got a reponse...
    It goes...
    Thank you sending the images.

    We have checked the images. The thread which comes out near the hole
    of the button, it remains in this way as the hole of the button is
    stitched and the thread it tied there. Please cut it with scissors.

    As regards the size tag, generally we remove it at the time of packing.

    The kurta is made of raw silk only. Hoewever as you are not happy with
    the product you receive we are ready to refund you 15% of the item
    cost as a token of compensation and we request you to keep the item.

    Thanking you

    What do you say for this kind of response...?

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  • Ur
      Oct 27, 2010

    They did the same type of thing with me. I ordered 149.00 USD apparel with them using their express delivery option. which was guaranteeing delivery in 2 to 3 days. One was sari-choli and other was lehnga choli. They took two months to ship it to me. meanwhile they suggest me to change some measurement two to three times and said that it was their expert advise so, I let them to do that. When I received items, Fitting were horrible that I can't wear it or no ultration were possible. I ordered this items only because of their express shipping option because I had some important occasion going on and I needed Indian apparel urgent. When I asked for refund they said we do not refund in any case and we will do modifications for items so ship it back to us. I sent them all items back before 2 months ago and I didn't receive it back yet. Now, they are not replying me since I asked them to give my money back and also not sending my items back. They took 149.00 dollars of mine and I got nothing.


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  • Fe
      May 07, 2011

    Their customer service is absolutely HORRIBLE. Do not give your hard earned money to these thieves. I can not believe they are still in business even though they have screwed so many customers.

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