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I received a call today (9/29/10) from an unknown number on my cell phone. The man told me to hold on that someone had a legal suit against me. Another man then came on the phone and said I need to get an attorney as I have a suit filed against me from USA Cash advance. He said he was an attorney representing USA Cash Advance. He started to ask me questions about my personal information to which I would not give him. I told him I have no such loan with USA Cash Advance and told him I would not get an attorney. I then proceeded to ask him for the signed contract showing my signature along with the other documentation. He said the loan was taken out in July of 2008 for a total of $300.00. He said I now owe them $600.00. He said he would send me the documentation if I paid them. I told him to go ahead and take me to court so that I can see the documents with my signature on them. He then provided me with a phone number for my attorney to call, but, when I tried to call the number [protected] it said it was disconnected. In the end the man ended up hanging up on me. I cannot believe this happened and I am now very nervous to use the internet for personal business!

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  • An
      Nov 04, 2010

    I had the same thing happen to me. I received a telephone call on my cell phone a couple of days ago (I recently defalted on a payday loan) I sent information to the company and noted that i would be willing to pay the principle in payments if they provided me with the license number in the state I reside in and if they provided me with a physical address where I could mail payments to. So, when I got the phone call, I assumed it was regarding this. The guy spoke VERY broken english. I had to ask him several times to repeat himself. He stated that he was calling from the legal department. He told me that I would be charged with Theft by Deception, abuse of Federal Banking Laws (whatever that meant) and something else that I can't remember. As I inquired further as to what company he represents, he could not answer me and stated that "we represent several companies". He did have some information about the amount of the loan ($300) and told me that I now owed $731.33. But, if I paid in full today, it would only be $519.00. I then asked to speak to someone from the company he was representing and he gave me the name of Allen Anderson and Mr. Anderson's phone number. He said that it didn't matter if I talked to Mr. Anderson though because "at the end of the day, I am the one that makes all the decions." He further stated that a court date had been scheduled for me for 11/15/10. I asked where (l o n g p a u s e) then he stated the Federal Court in Minneapolis. (I don't live in that jurisdiction). I asked for a copy of the complaint against me and he stated that he didn't have the "soft" copy because it had already been forwarded to the court. I said, who would file a complaint with a court of law and not keep a copy? No anwser. so for fun, I alled Mr. Anderson. Another man with a thick accent. He basically said the same thing. He also told me that he didn't have a copy of my file because he had forwarded to the "legal department". He told me that they did a "back ground check" and could see that I had never been in legal trouble, had no criminal back ground, nor had I ever had my wages garnished. Which is all true, but could have been assumed. I told Mr. Anderson that I would like the complaint and any other information e-mailed or mailed to me then I hung up. I looked on line about the compnay and found all kinds of complaints so I didn't worry about it anymore. Then today I got another call at work from a women with a thick accent (same number as the first guy) telling me that there was a "serious legal charge" being pressed against me. I told her that she could not contact me at work and any threats that she was making to me was against the FDCA. She said "scew you." For fun, I then called the number back. The man with the thick accent from the other day answered the number, NOT the women. I told him the same thing about contacting me at work. He hung up on me. I called back and told him that they were in violatin of FDCA. He hung up on me again. I called back and told him that I never hung up on them when they called so could I please finish my conversation. I then asked him for the physical address of the company he represents so that my attorney could forward a complaint to the company that he represents. He said the address is 212 F---ing Road and hung up on me again. For anyone else that deals with theses idiots, the first guy calls from New York. "Mr. Allen" is in california and the best I could do is find out the location and that it is a cell phone. So they are clearly not legit and I wouldn't worry about them.

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  • Mr
      Jul 29, 2011

    Very helpful, this just happen to me and I put an alert on my credit information and changed all my bank info

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