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A salesman from US Buildings (USB) contacted me late Mon 12-26-11 following an inquiry I placed on Buyer zone. He, Andrew "Jack" Marcus, told me he had pre-engineered clearance bldgs he could sell way below the value due to a dealer out of business. He said USB was shipping them out the next morning for auction, & it would cost USB $14500 per bldg. He claimed he was a VP, & had to get rid of these bldgs because of inventory tax charged. He told me he could cut a bldgs in half (I put on buyerzone that I wanted 1 garage - 40' x 40' ea). I told Jack that I had just started looking & was not ready to make a decision. He said that he had a 35' x 35' bldg that was going to auction, worth $75, 000, shipping costs 10%- $7, 500 plus tax, but could sell me the bldg way below value w/no tax (since he could put it on "Arizona" paper), free shipping & free blueprints.
He insisted that all he needed was a name to put on the bldg & pressured me, stating I could cancel w/in 3 days & get my money back. He made numerous fraudulent claims to me during this time about USB, the bldg, how it would look, the costs & time to erect it, etc. I told him I was not sure this was what I wanted, but he assured me that he just needed my name to hold this bldg to save USB money & that I could cancel the order within 3 days for any reason & not pay anything. He told me he needed to label my bldg immediately that evening so that it would not get sent to the auction early next morning & rushed me to sign the order & give him my credit card to hold the bldg. This was done about 06:15 pm.
the next morning (7:45 am) I called him to let him know that the bldg he wanted me to buy, was not what I wanted. He told me that he was in Arizona (which conflicted with what he said last night) & on his way out to sell the rest of the clearance bldgs. I faxed him a cancellation notice the next morning, Tuesday [protected] days later). I called USB on Thu at 9:04 am & left a message w/ Shay (answering service) canceling my order. I received an call from Jessica w/USB order & told her I was canceling the order (which she told me she forwarded to management) canceling my order. She told me that I needed to contact my salesperson, which I told her I did, but Jack had not returned my calls.
I faxed him a cancellation notice the next morning, Tuesday [protected] days later). I called USB on Thu at 9:04 am & left a message w/ Shay (answering service) canceling my order. I called Jessica w/USB order & sent Andrew an email (which he told me he forwarded to management) canceling my order. She told me that I needed to contact my salesperson, which I told her I did, but Andrew had not returned my calls.
Someone else from USB, Jack, contacted me & offered me the same bldg for $14, 500, w/free shipping & blueprints. Later that day, Andrew called me & told me that the bldg he was selling me was going to be shipped for auction the next morning & I could get it for $14, 500 if I gave him my credit card then.
Andrew sold me something different than what he put on the order. The Quonset hut on the invoice has 1 wall (can't be 14' high if 20' w), incomplete & is not what he described. I never received a copy of the back of the order, as it declares & it was never reviewed. Blueprints were not custom, as billed. Jack overcharged/gouged me on the cost of this hut ($7500 ). On the website, they use 9 other companies’ logo, which is believed to be done w/out authority- Army & Marines. Their list of Satisfied Customers is incorrect. They have 170 complaints on one BBB site & more on others.
And I could not find any satisfied customers any where and any State. I contacted my credit union to stop payment the returned my money on the 12/30/2011 I thought it was over then two weeks later
They took $7500.00 back out of my credit card and the credit union told me they had the right.
Now I am trying to find any legal action I can to get my money back. I am getting the credit union to send me the documents they used to make the decision to pay the money to US Buildings.

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  • Ro
      17th of Sep, 2012

    We need to work together to expose this company for what they are. I too contacted them about having a carport delivered and installed. The structure that I wanted and inquired about was to be a metal open sided 8' wide X 7' tall X 21' in length. The price was under $1, 000.00. I am 74 years of age poor hearing and limited vision. The contract that I signed came to me via FAX the print was so small that it was difficult to read using a magnifying glass. The person I talked to was Ken Rolfe out of Tempe AZ was on the phone with me when the FAX came in he too was promoting a metal building that had no resemblance to the carport I had originally contacted US Metal Buildings about. Rolfe continued to talk with his high pressure sales approach until I signed the contract also giving my credit card number and returning it back to him also via FAX. The following day after getting a chance to go over the contract we tried several times to contact them to cancel the contract. Having caller ID I am sure that they were deliberately refusing to take my calls. I contacted Chase our Credit Card holder and told them to stop any and all payments from us to US Metal Buildings as the company appears to be scamming people. I then wrote a letter of cancellation to US Metal Buildings and sent it to their Tempe AZ address as well as to that of their headquarters in Florida. Since that time Chase Bank has also jumped on the bandwagon and have started adding interest to the now $2, 788.10 that US Metal Buildings is telling our credit card company that we owe them. The US Civil Code does have sections showing the rights that the consumer has against unethical business practices. If we get together we may very well be able to put a stop to their illegal operation. My email address is [protected] my name is Robert.

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  • Ei
      15th of Oct, 2012

    same thing happened to me- $9000 they have of my money, and I have NOTHING to show for it.


    call me @ 301-384-0000

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  • Ai
      15th of May, 2013

    I am a disabled veteran who lives in Texas. This Spring, 2013, high winds knocked down my awning and damaged my shed. My family said they would help with costs and I set out to find a building. I posted some information on line about my building needs and in an hour someone called me. They told me a big story about having to "offload" some building because one of their distributors in the Lubbock area was diagnosed with cancer and liquidating. They asked that if they could guantee 40% off and free delivery today if I would buy. I told them if I got what I wanted I would. These guys have it wired. They ask you what size building you want and email you a schematic to put down your dimensions and colors to send back. In the mean time, they send out by way of Fedex, Power Point drawings of a standard building sketch that is your size. Why? Because their contract/receipt says once you enter into an agreement with them, a percentage is NON-REFUNDABLE. Isn't that a kick between the legs? So they can lie and legally get away with it. In my case it was $3, 000 of my family's money for something I never received. I even called the Better Business Bureau, of which this company is NOT accreditied due to the overwhelming number of complaints, and they told me I'm out of luck. And here's the kick in the teeth, they guy I spoke to said he was going to "f--k" me because I cancelled! And in doing so would send my account to collections for ANOTHER $3, 000 and some change. I told the guy I was a disabled veteran and could not pay it. Then he asked if I was a Marine. When I told him no, he said I wasn't "s--t"! I guess that's OK these days. I'm still in shock that this happened in America. What happened to us folks? These guys need some powerful help OUT of the sales business! I can not believe they get away with such crookery and foul mouthed behavior. I'm sure they are laughing and very proud of themselves, but God has vengence for His people, and He will have the last laugh!! BUYER BEWARE... STAY AWAY!!!

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  • Th
      23rd of May, 2013

    Don't let them get you. Post your question at
    Contact a Dave Ramsey endorsed attorney at They will review your case for free. In fact most take on cases on contingency basis - paid by defendant. See also

    Then contact a local TV station, write to the AG consumer protection office, FTC, see the sheriff, and anybody else in authority. You might be the one person needed to stop them. Good luck and thank you for serving.

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  • De
      15th of Sep, 2013

    Wish I had seen this before we ordered! Our situation is the same as all the above, but not only do they have $6, 400. their going to sue for the remaining portion another $6, 400. Has anyone out there taken them to court and won? Would love to know what worked.

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  • Ge
      8th of Oct, 2015

    Well $h1t, i certainly wish i had read all this before buying from these crooks. I'm just beginning the issues with this co. Same stories as stated above. All I've paid is the initial 25% down, but have been waiting three weeks on the drawings" with floor bolt pattern. Lie after lie from "managers" and salesman alike, I think I might just bite the bullet and cut my ties before any more money is required.

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  • Ri
      13th of Jan, 2016

    I too purchased a building from them, they gave me the same used car sales pitch.Lie no.1 was that i would recieve the blueprints in 2 weeks it took 2 months, lie no.2.I had to recieve my building within 90 days, but could recieve it earlier, nope waited 3 months to the day.
    I also was not told i need to rent a forklift to off load the building, nice suprise.
    Thank god i did not buy any of there other products roll up doors insulation etc..I found way cheaper online.
    I did get the building and all the parts, but I could tell they are a shady bunch.

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  • Ri
      5th of Mar, 2016

    The only way to get justice and shut these crooks down is to file complaints with the Florida Attorney General's office.
    This company signed an agreement in early 2015 saying that they would stop the deceptive, unethical practices...but it doesn't look like they have.
    The AG made them pay over $500, 000 for past behavior, and if the AG decides that they have not stopped, they can fine them in the millions.
    But to get something done, you need to file a complaint with the AG's office.
    US Metal Buildings doesn't care about the Better Business Bureau ratings. They laugh at it !
    It has no legal power over them, but the AG's office does.
    You should google this. "US Metal Buildings Florida Attorney General" It will show you the settlement between them and the AG's office.
    also google "Florida Attorney General Gary Rack" Rack is the owner of US Metal Buildings
    Unless you have the money for a good lawyer ($300-$500/Hr ), your/our best hope is getting enough complaints filed with the AG's office.
    The complaint can be filed on-line at the AG's website

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