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US Loan Auditors / David Hood

1 CA, United States

Hello Complaint Board,

My name is David Hood...

I have nothing to do with any scam office.
It seems rather stupid that I have to defend myself regarding this, but, here it is.
I simply purchased a web domain at godaddy for $9.99…That’s it. It was an impulse buy and I may use it in the future. I have no idea if I’ll ever use it for business. If I someday do, I will be 100% legal and by the book.

The website hosting isn’t even paid for…It was a free trial that came with an order I placed for magnetic refrigerator calendars from Vist Check it out if you like!
Since my phone number has been advertised to the entire planet…Feel to call me and I’ll share any facts with you regarding my integrity and my future business plans. Owning a website domain that has the word audit in it, does not mean I’m looking to scam anyone. It doesn’t mean anything. It's a virtual domain...

Those of you that have met me, should know the type of character I possess.
There is no office and no company…Nadda, zilch!
Also, I have no business relationship or connection with Jarrod Lamar or Nick Lucia.
Absolutely no connection…None, nothing.
Somebody has way to much free time...
I understand your concerns, but please check a little deeper before jumping to conclusions. I don’t enjoy having to defend myself from an invisible false attacker.
Pick up the phone, like the old days and discuss your allegations, first…It appears you have my phone number.
Please take note, I resigned from US loan Auditors. I resigned less than a week after being given a 30% raise in salary. If I was out to scam people, I would have stayed on until the wheels fell off. Leaving a job during a recession is not usually advised. I left because, it was the right thing to do.

Again, please contact me directly before publically slandering me on the web.
That’s all I got!
Be well and best wishes,
David Hood

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