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I have been approached by this company and am unsure as well. They said they will find the discrepancies in my loan (for 1% of original loan amount) and give to their law people who will then assign a lawyer at $1000 per month (for about 9 months). I have researched the lawyers, the Founders and everything I can. All seems OK...but they are a newbie company. Basically not enough data to determine. The Rep I talked to was knowledgeable and explained well and answered my questions. I would go for it for sure except for...I am afraid of the process where I am not supposed to talk to the lender once the TRO (temporary restraining order) is filed, which means I'm not supposed to be sending the lender money, correspondence, nothing. That is the only part of this whole thing I am holding back on because at this time, I have never been late in my payments. Problem is, everything is going to change and soon--so I have to do something. Also, 9 months (10 if you include the audit the first month) is a long time to wait to see if you are a winner...almost like having a baby! I was told things would get worse before they got better--but they cannot guarantee that we will win. So what to do...what to do.
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N  8th of Mar, 2010 by    0 Votes
Jarrod Lamar, are you serious? I heard you work at US Loan Auditors and your a manager to be exact. That just confirmed my thoughts about this compnany because you are a scam. Try to get a job at a company that does a background check Jarrod and see what happens. We both know that you won't get the job nor will you even apply at a company that does a background check. If Mr. Lamar is the type of people that US Loan Auditors hire, then I could only imagine what's going on at that company. A bunch of people that couldn't survive the mortgage business so what does that tell you. People that did nothing but Pay Options loans that couldn't get a referal in todays market because they burned all their customers. What a joke...
N  8th of Mar, 2010 by    0 Votes
I agree with Dylanm's last comment, "Is there anyone else that signed up 4 months or more and have been paying $1000 per month, being assigned an attorney and their case been filed. Please, Please if no attorney been assigned say so but no excuses"
N  8th of Mar, 2010 by    0 Votes
FatMike and Everyone else that is thinking of doing business with this co. I asked a very simple questions over 11 days ago but seems NO ONE has been helped or assigned an attorney to file their cases. Even tho I was told this will not happen by My house is being trustee sale next week because not case was file since Oct. 09.
So I will be filling out a complaint with CA A/G office and BBB to recover all the money.
Also I found out that US Loan Auditors is : NO, "US Loan Auditors" is NOT a registered Foreclosure Consultant. Per A/G website seach. http://ag.ca.gov/loanmod/search_results.php
A  9th of Mar, 2010 by    0 Votes
we are VICTIMS of USLA. I have rear and re-read all of the post from beginning to end. What has happened to us totally blows away ANYTHING that has happened to ANY of the USLA clients, (ten fold). I am trying to resolve my issues with them as we speak. If I do not get satisfaction, I will be contacting the Attorney Generals office and filing a formal complaint.

A police detective I know once told me that the makings of a good scam vs a not good scam, is that a good scam does involve a certain degree of truth which can be proven to be true, but that's where it ends and the lies (bait) take over, and lead you to believe the rest of the story is true or can be expected to come true. People in general, for the most part, by nature, is to believe and trust in others, especially when they are in need of help and help is offered.
So far, we have gotten some help by USLA and the rest of what they promised has never been addressed, even after repeated phone calls and emails.

What I know and have experienced with this company would blow your minds. I have refrained from any type of posting until I give them a fair chance to resolve my issues. I believe that the damage that has been done to us is irreversible at this point and a lawsuit against them may be in order. I will give them a little more time to resolve my issues satifactorily or both the A.G. office will be notified and the law suit will be filed.

I will then post all of the information to this site along with my identity and if possible, scanned copies of my documents from USLA to show that I am who I say I am and that I speak the truth. If what I know gets out, USLA, well, the truth will speak for itself.

I will keep watching this site as I find most of the post to be pretty accurate on the complaint side. Items I can relate to are:
1) why are audit fees based on the loan balance when the exact same amount of work has to go into each audit? This is discriminatory business practice.
2) why do ACH fees different from client to client?
3) If USLA does the audit, you pay for it, why are they continuing to receive monthly fees as there is no case manager or point of contact. The case is assigned to an attorney after the audit?
4) Why dont the assigned (outside) attorneys ever call the client or correspond with them?
5) We too, have paid for audits, never received them and no cases filed in court on those properties, so far, after many months of having to have paid for them. Never received the audit and USLA avoids or has no answer as to why!

I will get back to this forum as my contact with USLA evolves.
A  9th of Mar, 2010 by    0 Votes
salmondean, u r getting closer and closer, as is each one of you who post.
here are some facts about USLA that I can personally attest to:

1) the salesmen are just that and dont know their ### from a hole in the ground. They want their commissions and will tell u anything and fluff it up just to get that commission. After you pay that and it clears their account, the sales rep slowly slips into oblivion.

2) assigned (outside) lawyers never call or return your calls (in most cases) Some lawyers that they assign cases to have recent BAR disciplinary cases.

3) Cases are now being assigned to State court rather than Federal because judges are favoring the lenders AND the amount of cases for Predatory lending has increased more than 125% from last year in Federal courts and the judges dont have time for it as each case is handled in it' s entirety by 1 judge vs State court by 3 judges.

4) Why is anyone paying USLA after the loan audit? for what reason? what are they doing for that monthly fee?

5) U r told a lie that your home cant be foreclosed on because a "TRO" temporary Restraining Order is placed on it and the lender nor anyone in connection with the lender cannot contact you or come onto the property.

6) You are told that even if the lender happens to foreclose, that there is a Lis Pendens filed when your court complaint is filed and that will cloud the title and not allow the sale to go thru at the title company.

7) They take your money for the Audit, never do the audit and never file a complaint in court and have no answers for you as to how that happened, even though you have been in contact with them numerous times about that and they continue to go month after month stating that they will check into it and get back to you. They never do.

8) You are told that because there is a TRO placed on your lender, neither you nor they, are allowed contact between each other, that includes attempting to making payments or u break the terms of the TRO. So dont make anymore payments. And, that is why they originally try to get you to pay them 1/2 of your monthly mortgage payment.

9) they promise you either to greatly reduce your mortgage principle with a new loan from the lender for 30 to 40 yrs with a fixed interest rate of about 4.25%, or wipe out your loan entirely. Additionally, get returned to you, illegally paid interest payments, escrow fees, agents commissions, all of your legal fees that you paid to USLA, damages and more. They never tell you, (initially), that the outside attorneys are basically working on a contingency basis and get part of your case settlement. They (initially), lead you to believe that USLA is THE LEGAL TEAM that is representing your case. NOT SO!

10) The USLA salesman tells you that they "Have never lost a case yet" but they wont give you any names of any former or current clients based on "confidentiality" Why not! This would only bring them many more clients if their claim to fame is true!

11) They also perform a "property tax reduction" service called prop8.org The county tax accessors office states very clearly that to "Beware of ANY company or person whom tries to offer you this service. You can do it yourself for free by contacting the county tax assessors office for forms and instructions."

There is more to come but that covers quit a bit of it for now. I think that USLA's intentions may have been good, initially, but improper or non-comprehensive salemen training, excessive & rapid company growth, unqualified personell and leadership at all levels, not structured correctly to address customers needs and lack of follow thru at all stages, and allowing sales reps to continue to make false promises and represent the company in such a manner.

USLA needs to admit their faults (they wont) and try to correct them and make ammends before it's too late. I feel the end is near for this company and a lot of people are going to get burned out of their money, us being one of them, unfortunatly. (I hope not)





N  9th of Mar, 2010 by    0 Votes
one thing that we all overlooked was the very first post (about USLA) on this complaint board.
the date is 10-27-2007

The complaints keep rolling in. WHY?
If they were doing what they promised, I dont think complaints would continue to roll in for this long?
anyone agree? of course so.
N  9th of Mar, 2010 by    0 Votes

You wrote:

'They also perform a "property tax reduction" service called prop8.org The county tax accessors office states very clearly that to "Beware of ANY company or person whom tries to offer you this service. You can do it yourself for free by contacting the county tax assessors office for forms and instructions."

-This is from my previous post:

"Mr. Shane Barker graduated from California State University Sacramento in 2003. He has been very successful. He is Co-founder of "Prop8 Associates", " Cashout Options", "Equity Flips", "Bailout Help" and maybe more, and now Co-founder of "Us Loan Auditors":"

-Mr. Barker has a new company every year or two. He is always on the cutting edge of taking peoples money for a service they MUST use... then moves along. If you did your research before signing on with them you may have detected this. www.Prop8.org has Mr. Barker all over it.

Don't got the time, so someone else speculate on this info:

Jeff Pulvino: Co-Founder/President of Prop8.org, also Co-Founder of Equity Flips and works with US Loan Auditors. Seems they're a dynamic duo.
N  9th of Mar, 2010 by    0 Votes
Don't really mean to kick a wounded dog(well, yes i do), but anyone smart enough would never have gotten in bed with these bums.

I call it like it is, salmondean. Please continue to chronicle, but clean up you posts a little bit. Remember... the reason you signed on with US Loan Auditors is the same reason you signed the dotted line on a shady loan. Time to question everything...including all your decisions.
N  9th of Mar, 2010 by    0 Votes
WoW! Some morning this is turned out to be. See I am a client also. You didn't really think I was posting for my health. I did say over a month ago USLA uses lame computer audits. I wasn't kidding. alethia.now - you said it. Went through exactly everything you said. I'm mean exactly. They say anything do nothing. They advertise themselves as lawyers and send out a copy of Jim Sandersons credentials to demonstrate proof. Anyone else get a copy? They say they have "in house lawyers" but you'll need a loan investigation performed first prior to speaking to one. And they do advertise stopping the foreclosure.

So YES, tried to get attorney representation but instead watched my auction date come and go as my home got sold to another bank. And I faxed over every notice sent from my lender prior the auction. But I'll I got were e-mail copies for Trish to file. Did ya file my "Notice of Trustee Sale" Trish? Good Girl.

After the the auction they say they tell their clients how to respond to the Unlawful Detainer but when the Detainer notice arrives they say we no longer provide that. That it conflicts with are lawsuits. What lawsuit! Months go by and I haven't even spoken to an attorney yet. Or maybe I have? You just don't know for sure who your talking to.

So today I recieved my eviction court date. March 19th. I had taken in older homeless woman, now weeping with no place to go. What can I say. As I posted before I gave up on USLA and went to my D.A.'s office for help. But they told me they can't stop a Calif. foreclosure. And unemployed for over a year and I was planing on using my savings to pay USLA but I'm glad I wised up to that. Sure I thought too USLA had good intentions but now look what happens when your goal is to just gather up clients.

Moving on. My question is...Are USLA foreclosure consultants?

See Civil Code Section 2945-2945.11 A MUST READ


2945.1. The following definitions apply to this chapter:
(a) "Foreclosure consultant" means any person who makes any
solicitation, representation, or offer to any owner to perform for
compensation or who, for compensation, performs any service which the
person in any manner represents will in any manner do any of the
(1) Stop or postpone the foreclosure sale.

Now lets look at the video commercial...


Stop the foreclosure you say?

For now I'll let others read the statue and let them decide. Wouldn't want to suck up all that slander for myself at a complaints board.
N  9th of Mar, 2010 by    0 Votes
Plz note: Everyone read the comments now, barker has a habit of making sure they are gone soon. Or he will turn lose need help to discredit what you wrote. USLA is very consistent in their sales, we were all told the same thing. "you have one of the stronger cases we have seen" "we only take cases we know we can win" "stop making payments to your lender" "never lost a case yet" and on and on...When are some God fearing honest USLA employees going to do the right thing over making money off of scamming distressed people?

Come on folks, this has to be a group effort, be legal and proactive, you have the right to complain to anyone that airs their ads, and then the BBB, CA Bar, Attorney General, sac bee...
N  9th of Mar, 2010 by    0 Votes
"Here is what I need...if you are a "TRUE" client put your name on your postings. "

Hey loser: you claim to be a real client, why don't you post your real name?

You just lied, LaMar posted his real name. Your the one that is scared,

so who are you? what do u have to lose? don't be scared.

Did you write that to yourself?

Just as I wrote, watch for this idiot to try to discredit what you write.
N  9th of Mar, 2010 by    0 Votes
Need help: that's why your company has a Lawyer, not to check the Audit's, but to make sure your company is covered legally from Lawsuits. That's why your salesman always say, "I can't say this from a legal aspect, but if I were you..." That's why USLA's Lawyer will never talk to the client, then it would be legal advice. But if it's legal or not, it's very unethical and wrong, and dirty.

But once again, I wonder why you hide behind your handle?
N  9th of Mar, 2010 by    0 Votes
You just proved that you are with USLA by posting my name. That my friend my cost you. Now I will go to my Lawyer.
N  9th of Mar, 2010 by    0 Votes
Im not trying to fool anyone, I have the right to hear about others going through the same thing i went through, I lost my home because of you, you would not even fed ex my papers back, u tried to make me come in and sign papers. U wanted to know who was coming with me. So now we all know it's you acting like this need help person, your the dishonest scammer.
N  9th of Mar, 2010 by    0 Votes
I can tell you that most of the complaints here are not from me, I have the legal right to support and give advice what happenned to me to help them from the same problems. It was you that was making sure I kept coming back by using my name over the past month and accusing everyone that made a post as me. I see now that you are acting as someone else besides need help that you are a phoney as your company. You had your chance to stop talking about my case but u didn't. You still won't be honest and tell us who you are. Don't worry about what I do with my life, it's very productive, I don't rip off or scam people. Look who is talking, don't u have anything better to do? Im just proactive, i warn others to not go through what i went through.
N  9th of Mar, 2010 by    0 Votes
It's over when you stop accusing me of making comments here and when you stop using my name here. Like I said before, practice what you preach, come out and tell us who was making those rude comments the past month, who was the author of "need help"????
N  9th of Mar, 2010 by    0 Votes
So Need_Help - So let me get this correct, you are saying that any client of USLA can cancel their contract (but no contract if USLA did not sign) and get their full refund.

Thank you
A  9th of Mar, 2010 by    0 Votes

You have described exactly what I have experienced as well! I would love to name the person that I spoke with, to save anyone else out there the heartache that I would have experienced too, had I not stumbled upon this site.
First off...I want to thank everyone for sharing there experiences. My wife and I prayed about this, and for the others who got sucked into this ugly mess. These posts were very helpful in my decision making process. Secondly, I have never posted anything, anywhere before, but this hit me over the head. If my saying anything rings true, to anybody on the fence about making a decision as to which way to go, I hope this helps!
The decision to get on board with any company that promises you the sun, the moon and the stars is attractive to anybody and everybody, who is in a financial bind. It always amazes me how people like this surface to screw others that are already hurting, in a time of need If this turns out to be one of them, I believe, and I have seen it many times. "What comes around, Goes around" I really hope this turns out to be the opposite of what everyone thinks it is. Since misery loves company, just because I didn't get on board with the program, doesn't mean my financial situation is easy. It is just the opposite. I just couldn't afford to pay out 9k plus $2400/mo. I stumbled across this site for a reason. If it helps just one person to not get screwed, I am happy.
So the "salesman" that I spoke with, said in his pitch, that it will take 6-9 months, to complete the process, but it will be well worth the wait!
When I asked him "What is track record? His answer was we have won 100% of our cases.
So I asked how many is that? His response was "We have over three hundred cases going."
So he asks who is your lender? and I tell him, "Wa Mu".
He immediately responds with "We have a lot of cases with them, and Chase too."
But he said "We will not take a case that is not winable."
So I told him, that before I sign any contract, I need verifiable references. He says "No problem".
I have yet to receive any references as I am writing this, and it has been almost 2 weeks.
(All signals say STOP...even though I wanted so badly to believe in this guy)
But I still had hope.
Then one day, I decided to black out my SS# and send over the last 2 years tax returns along with the the rest of the requested documents, So I called to get a fax# for him and he tells me that he just landed in sunny San Diego where the temps are in the 70's and beautiful and he'll be there for a week, and the weather where I'm living is for ducks. ( strike 1 )
I can take a joke just like the next guy, but I'm thinking this guy wants me to dole out 9k up front
and he's boasting about being in sunny San Diego. Now how in the hell does he think that's gonna make a guy feel.
Well #1: He's got no empathy ( not sympathy ) but empathy, for a guy who's going through a tough time financialy...emotionally...and every other feeling you have when you're down on your luck!
I received my solicitation via the mail saying I had 24 hours to respond. "Come on" ( strike 2 )
The advertisement was so good, I called. This "salesman" was smooth as silk, except when I heard him say instead of paying my mortgage I should stop paying my mortgage, and I'd ONLY have to pay 1/2 my mortgage payment to them and stop paying my $4800/mo to the lender.
Sounded GREAT! My wife and I were feeling "there is a way out of this nightmare.
She being the skeptical one ( thank God ) we waited. But I got all the documents together that he requested...slept on it for a couple of nights. It was consuming my thoughts until I reluctantly shared my entire financial situation with a good friend. His advice was to go see an attorney. So I made an appointment and paid this attorney $250. That was it. My decision was final! He said that once the bank files for bankruptcy, they are no longer on the hook for any loans that they made.
Has anyone out there had there loan through Wa Mu? I did and the attorney told me, looking
at my note, and all of the paperwork from the transaction, that he could have gotten my note rescinded except...since Wa Mu went broke and filed for bankruptcy, all bets were off and that, basically, I was screwed!!!
So if anyone else out there isn't with a bank that went belly-up, then it's worth a visit to an attorney...it can't hurt. Be it true or not regarding getting my note rescinded, ( he's got nothing to gain by lying to me), it sure beats the hell out of waiting, not knowing for the next how many months??

Personally, I'm going to sit on the sidelines and wait this out.
Good Luck to everyone! I hope eventually that all the people that signed up, that you recover at least, your initial investment along with all your monthly payments back where they belong in your pockets...and if they are guilty, that they get found out sooner than later
and end up where people like that belong...in jail!
A  9th of Mar, 2010 by    0 Votes
as I stated earlier, I will reveal my identity soon enough. I am going to continue (for a very short time) to resolve my issues with USLA.

One of 2 things will happen after my attempts:

1) They resolve our cases with them to our satisfaction, which means that they keep their promises they originally made to us. (actually, they cannot reverse a completed foreclosure sale, so that I dont know how they plan to remedy that situation, especially after 8+ months of being paid for the audit, having never completed it, hence, never filed a Complaint in court.)

2) They DONT resolve our cases and continue to give us the runaround. I will go to the A.G. and file a complaint and look into a class action suit.

In either case, I will report the good or the bad and be 100% open and honest about everything. I have all documented proof and will share that. I see that it is possible to upload items to this site.

We can pretty much assure all of you clients or ex-clients that NO ONE has lost more than us, thus far, by dealing with this company. Yes, we too, also got a copy of Sandison's Bar report. If I researched correctly, I see that he has only been a licensed real estate broker since 8/14/08. We were told that he was a real estate attorney for 17 years and THE Sheriff of all of Sacramento county for 19 years? I did not verify this as to be true. These are things that the salespersons use to make you believe in their services of USLA. I dont know where they get this info but they should not use it to promote their services if it is not true. This info is public record.

On the page given to us by USLA entitled "What is included in a forensic Loan Audit?" states that Us Loan Auditors Forensic Loan Audit Includes:
item #6 states "Consultation with an Attorney to determine his/her Legal Opinion and next-step recommendations."

On the next page entitled "What can US Loan Auditors do for me? in the section "During Litigation" it states the following:
Monthly payments are reduced by up to 50% during litigation
During Litigation, the lender is not allowed to:
Report to the credit bureaus
Contact the borrower

One of our cases was filed in Federal Court, the lender was sent a "Qualified Written Request" and a copy of the Federal Complaint, but they still foreclosed on our home, evicted us and changed the locks.

We were told by the salesperson that the eviction and foreclosure wouldn't happen and we apid a "Rush fee" to make sure we got into court asap in order to ensure that no foreclosure would happen and that a TRO would be placed against the lender. NEVER HAPPENED!

We kept in constant contact with our salesperson and USLA, (as best we could as the salesperson would take days or weeks to return emails or phone calls and either give us the wrong info or no info) We immediately faxed or emailed every notice from the lender to USLA and confirmed with them that they had received it and "were on it"

We were originally told that if we were ever served an "Unlawful Detainer" that USLA lawyer would represent us in court and the lawyer would ask to have the case either 1) dismissed, 2) continued at a later date, 3) combined with the Federal Case.

After the Unlawful Detainer was served on us, we were told that they no longer offer to help their clients with preparing an "Answer to the Unlawful Detainer" because this was a State Court handling that issue and our case was in Federal Court and that USLA doesn't t get involved with State Court issues. We were told that we had to file and pay ($410) with the court on our own.

If USLA is suppose to help you retain your home, reduce principle amount, lower your interest rate, get loan fees, interest, attorneys cost, damages, remove derogatory credit reported by the lender, what do they plan on doing for the people that they failed to help and where the lender has foreclosed and gained possession of the property?

Again, why are clients of USLA each paying various Loan Audit fees as well a varying monthly fees. In fact, again, why is any client paying any monthly fees when USLA has assigned the case to an OUTSIDE attorney whom is doing all of the work on a CONTINGENCY BASIS? There is nothing that USLA is doing on any persons file once it gets sent out to the outside attorney. USLA legal can give you dates and times that your case went to court but they dont know the status of the case or the first hand information that the attorney is working with as far as how the case is progressing.

N  9th of Mar, 2010 by    0 Votes
NH - Sorry about my english but with ;your proper English and all insight of this company -me think u are an employee.
So stop you BS

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