US Financial ResourcesTook my money and lied that i was approved for a grant. They said they needed my cc info

They are THIEVES and con artists! They took my $3.87 plus another fee. I got a phone call from phone [protected] saying that i applied and was approved for a grant of $10, 000. The first option offered to me was to send check in mail, BUT i had to pay $3.87. I told the man with the funny accent why dont you just take the money from $10, 000 im getting. He told me "no thats not how it goes" . I told him to just send direct deposit ( i choose direct deposit because you dont have to pay a fee typically with this option). He took the fee ANYWAY. He initially said he needs cc so it can be deposited in 7-10 business days..i told him i thought that was awkward to ask for cc info instead of routing or account info. He guaranteed me thats the only route to retrieve my funds. For whatever reason he kept assuring me that the call was monitored or recorded. I tried calling back and that number with a few questions more &to let them know i hadnt received an email. The number doesnt receive incoming calls. They assured me I will get a confirmation email in which i NEVER got. That alone proved i was on the verge of being scammed. Apparently im getting NOTHING. When i looked in my personal account I DID call the phone number listed with the fee they took out and the lady was soo defensive as if she was in on the SCAM. I asked her what company is the company Im calling. She told me she workd for many different companiess and asked me for my phone number and told me i applied 3 different times last year. My attitude was like SO what! I never gave you personal info before and i want my money NOW. She telling me the 3.87 was non-refundable...Anyway I have already contacted my credit card company and applied for a new one so these thieves dont take anymore money from me in the future. They get rich from taking fees from people thinking people wont call their bank to get money back

Jan 03, 2015

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